Andobil MagSafe Tripod Magstick for iPhone Review by Zedioptima

A selfie stick can be very useful these days, be it for professional use or personal. If you are
a digital creator, you might already be using a tripod. You can use it for outdoor shoots and
make vlogs. People who are not digital creators, even use a selfie stick to click selfies and take pictures. The Andobil MagSafe Tripod Magstick is a portable lightweight that aims towards
selfie lovers and people who love to shoot while they are traveling. It is an excellent product.
Come, let us know more about this gadget.

Packaging and Design

Andobil MagSafe Tripod Magstick
Andobil MagSafe Tripod Magstick

Inside the box, you will get a tripod base, a magnetic mount, three metallic rings, a Bluetooth
speaker, and a carrying bag. There is also a Bluetooth remote to keep it more practical for
your photo and video takings. The entire package weighs about 650 grams.

Features of Andobil MagSafe Tripod Magstick

The magnetic mount is used for holding phones and is super compatible with massive
iPhones like iphone13 pro. They also give you a smartphone case that has a nice grip on
the magnetic holder. You can easily set your phone in the mount and snap it off smoothly. It
is also very strong, so you do not have to worry that your phone might get loose from the
grip and fall on the ground. It does not even shake. It stays totally fixed in its position until
you loosen the grip of the holder. One thing to remember is that, when you are using it
outdoors, do not depend on the MagSafe. Instead, you can use the one-touch spring-based
clamp for extra protection. These clamps and the tripod base use silicone padding to have
extra grip and also to save your smartphone from any external blow or scratches. It comes
with three metallic rings which are adhesive.

Andobil MagSafe Tripod Magstick
Andobil MagSafe Tripod Magstick Selfie stick

With the help of these, you can make other
phones than your iPhone compatible with MagSafe. You should check the magnet before
you use it. It is okay but not as strong as the magnet on the phone case. The head of the
holder rotates 360 degrees with every 45 degrees interlocking. If you want any position
under 45 degrees, you have to turn it slowly to make it stay in that particular position. Above
45 degrees, it stands by itself in every position. On both sides of the mount, here is the
quarter screw mount. You must have a quarter screw to make it work. You will be needing
power packs if you are shooting time-lapse videos and long photos of dynamic range. The
size of the tripod is 32 cm lengthwise. With the magnetic mount attached to it, the length
becomes 43 cm. the full extension mode is 150 cm which is as high as the height of a
human being. If you add the length of your iPhone 13 pro max to it, it will become 170 cm.
Here on the top, is the quarter screw mount with the silicone padding. You can mount your
camera here. This will also work for holding other accessories of yours like ring lights. On
both sides, there is a big knob. You can twist and unlock it easily. The head of this thing
rotates up to 180 degrees from front to back. When you set it as per your need, you just
have to tighten the knob. But do not put many heavy products here. Because it is made of
plastic and might not carry heavy loads. The bottom portion is the magic source. You are
going to use this as the selfie stick. You have to hold it and press this button right here to
click pictures. This remote is compatible with Android and iPhones. This button is removable.

Andobil MagSafe Tripod Magstick
Andobil MagSafe Tripod Magstick

You can use this remote from a distance. You can control it with your toes if you make
videos or you are into cosplay and stuff.


To sum up, this product is lightweight with amazing features. You can carry it very easily.
You can put it in your bag and shoot outside and make vlogs. It would not take up more
place than a water bottle in your bag. It is really long in size which is pretty good and
advantageous for tall people. You can totally go for it. This Andobil MagSafe portable tripod
is worth the price it claims. Don’t forget to like and share this video. If you use this product,
let us know your feedback.

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