AOHI Magcube 2-Port USB-C Intelligent Folding Wall Fast Charger

We all have used portable chargers for charging different devices. But wired tools are getting replaced by cordless gadgets massively in the recent years. You may have already used a foldable charger. If not, today I will suggest you a foldable charger from AOHI Magcube you would definitely want to buy. It is a 40W foldable dual port charger. Sometimes when you are going out for a very long time and you need to carry a charger to charge your devices, it is not always possible to carry a big, bulky power bank. In situations like this, this product may come in handy.


The case in which it comes, is very cute and small. Seeing the size of the box, you can imagine how small the actual object is going to be. The box has got a handle on it. You can carry it by that handle. It is very travel friendly as most people use it when they are travelling. Inside the box, you will get the foldable wall charger and a user manual to guide you with all the information you need to operate this device. It comes in two colours, either black or yellow. It has a very fine matt finish look. This is compact design and structure wise.


This device lays flat, unlike the other ones that sticks out of the surface. It has superfast charging capability powered by Giantplus technology. It is compatible with any USB type C device. In the bottom there are two PD ports. It gives you 40 watts power per port. If you use the bottom one separately you will get 40 watts. If you use the top one you will get 40 watts. But if you use the both together you will get 20 watts per port. The charging ports pops up the back which is really cool. You can keep it mounted so that the USBC plugs are at the bottom. You can also flip it around and put it like that. Because it does not claim to work on a single side. It works on both sides. It has the brand name and a LED light on top. When you plug the charger in, it shows a light the colour of which is greenish yellow. Let us see how it works while charging a laptop. The key is big enough to block your other chargers as they come out of the bottom area and cover other things. It is a 40 watts charger. So keep it in mind that if your device needs more than 40 watts, the speed of charging might reduce. And if you are using your laptop or whatever device you are charging, it can not charge as fast as the battery is exhausting. When you are using the charger the colour of the light turns from yellow to orange. It fits very well on the wall when it is on a side mount. The build quality of this device is great. The pop up charging ports give you security that you would not randomly flip it up anyway. In standard charging, the colour of the LED is solid blue. When it is in the fast charging mode, the light is a blinking yellow. In the low current state, the colour will be green.


This is an affordable, compact foldable charger. It is very handy as well as pocket friendly. It is a great alternative to the new and old apple 35 watts charger which is very much costly. The size also differs a lot. The old apple one is bigger in size and bulky. This one is compact in every way possible. They do not even take too much space when you are carrying it while travelling. You can put it in your pocket and you are good to go. The charging speed is really fast. You definitely might want to give it a try. The price of this is 29 USD. You can try this and if you liked the review, give this video a like. Share with your friends and whoever is in need of a pocket friendly, rapid charger. Subscribe to the channel to keep connected with us.

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