Suppose you are miles away from home and your child needs your protection and care. What to do? Now due to the added pressure of lifestyle maintenance, it is not possible for mothers to sit at home and take care of babies. So most of the parents are now working parents who are leaving their children in the care of their grannies or nannies. But a mother’s heart is always in the dilemma of whether to leave the baby or stay there. On the other hand, she can not neglect her professional responsibilities too. So in order to stay secure with the safety of babies, nothing can match the benefits of an indoor home security camera at its best. With the continuously growing market in modern technology, it can be difficult to research and find which cameras can be the best for your criteria in safety. In that case, if you are willing to make sure you choose the best camera for your needs, the best market choice is the Arenti Dome 1 indoor home security camera.
This CCTV camera is usually small in size and very light in weight which makes it easily accessible. Now due to the lockdown situation, it is not ideal for you to go and find it. Instead, Amazon is coming with the best deals at affordable ranges for this indoor camera. Now let’s have a look at the features that this CCTV camera has to offer.


ARENTI DOME1 Indoor Home Security Camera
ARENTI DOME1 Indoor Home Security Camera
  • You will find this autonomous flying security camera that can record disturbances when the resident is far from home. In market terms, it is known as a drone camera. It has a series of sensors at home that can predetermine areas in the user’s home if it is resisted by a potential break-in. If such happens the owner will get an alert on their smartphone and is able to see the live visual.
  • Human movement or abnormal sounds can be detected at the earliest with this wireless CCTV Camera for the home. This makes it more approachable to the users for its mobile connectivity.
  • The 2K / 3MP Ultra HD resolution of the Arenti Dome 1 indoor camera enables it for clear day vision. With advanced night vision technology, users will be able to get supreme quality night vision even in low-light conditions.
  • This indoor surveillance camera rotates 350° horizontally and ±110° vertically for that users can get a view of every part of their homes. Even pan-and-tilt control operations are easy from Arenti App.
  • Another feature that is in high demand is its two-Way Audio. You will have noise-free communication with your baby with a built-in mic and speaker anytime, anywhere.
  • This camera is offering 60-second video clip storage which is longer than most of the other cameras available in the market at present. The video that you will get to see will be saved to the cloud for 72 Hours if cloud storage is accessible. 3-month of Cloud storage is available without any extra charge. Micro SD cards (sold separately) with resolutions of 8G, 16G, and 32G to 128G can be attached to this camera.

Now you can think if this device is offering so many benefits, it might be high in price. You are totally wrong. This wireless indoor CCTV camera is affordable. The price range starts from $40.99 – $46.25 which is 3039.07 INR – 3429.05 INR only in Indian currency available at Amazon.

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