Autowit Emergency Batteryless Car Jump starter Review

Some of you must have some interest in adventures like hiking, trekking, or camping in the wilderness. Suppose you go for a trip by car. When you are ready to return, your car won’t take start. Now you are stuck there. You don’t even find an automobile technician nearby. I have the perfect product today for this kind of situation. It’s called the Autowit Supercapacitor car jump starter. Autowit offers the world’s most comprehensive business data and analytical insight to fuel today’s most crucial business needs. It deals with motor vehicle supplies, motor car dealers, supply of parts of vehicles, sporting goods, and all. I have been in situations where I’ve prayed for something like this. So, according to me, this can be really needful to you.
Today, we are going to have a look around the car jump starter and build an opinion together about this product.

Packaging of Autowit Car Jump starter

The packaging is kind of cool to look at. Inside the box, you will get the jump starter and a box with all the information about the thing, as some jumper cables that you have to plug into the supercap. Whenever your jump starter is at the lowest charge, you can charge it up using the USB port charger that comes in the box.


It uses the remaining power in the battery to charge up the supercap and will start up your vehicle. You don’t need to recharge it on regular basis. The built-in supercaps have 60 minutes more power density than any other battery found on the market. It can be recharged in a short span of time, as well as avoiding risks of the spark of explosion. You don’t have to put any effort into its maintenance. you can leave it idle for years and use it again, you will get the same good service as the first time.
It does not require any charging from home. You just have to connect it to your battery and it will charge up the supercap. Then the device is good to go and start up your vehicle. When you open up the side portion of the thing, you will see all outlets and connections. You must differentiate where to put the black cable and where to put the red one. On top of the supercap, there is a small display. When you connect the battery cables to your battery and the vehicle won’t start, the display will show how much voltage is in the battery and the percentage of charge in the supercap. It takes about 3 minutes to push a large amount of current into the alternator of your car and start the engine. The battery might be 12.6V. Once it is fully charged, it will indicate that with a beep. you have to press that red button after the charging is done. On the display, it will then show ‘discharging’ written on it. And then you will see ‘power on’ written on the display. After pressing the red button, a countdown will start on the display. Then you have to mount to your vehicle and start it up within 10 seconds.

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It’s not very heavy. It weighs around 2 lbs. And the size is 10.4”4.5”1.78”. you can carry it very easily, in your car, hidden in the trunk. You can help someone else start their car as well. It works on all 12V systems. It is suitable for vehicles up to 5L gas and 3.5L diesel engine like a sedan,

SUV, truck, van, etc. This jump starter can work in -40 degrees C temperatures, conditions of snowstorms, and blizzards. It can as well as resist high temperatures like 70 degrees C and conditions like desert dry heat environments.


This jump starter costs 110 USD. You don’t have to worry about the warranty and all that. It will work for at least 10 years in a row, even if you use it for more than 100,000 times.
So, this is quite good for a car jump starter. No need for regular charging, built-in supercap, 700A peak, 10 years of lifespan, extremely weather friendly. Good quality product at a very reasonable price. Do let me know what you think of this product and drop your comments or queries on this product.

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