Baseus GaN2 Pro Quick Charger 2C+U 65W Review by Zedioptima

Chargers are needed for everyone. We all use mobile phones and other electronic gadgets without
which life is not imaginable. So to keep using those gadgets we need to keep them recharged. And
most electronic products run on battery these days. It comes in handy and is more beneficial. Today
we will talk about the Baseus Gan2 pro quick charger of 65 watts. Let us dive into the review and get
to know about this product.

Baseus GaN2 Pro Quick Charger 2C+U 65W
Baseus GaN2 Pro Quick Charger 2C+U 65W 

Packaging & Design

The product comes inside a small, sober, white-coloured box. Let us see what is there inside the box.
Baseus’ packing technic is only for any product. They don’t leave much room for anything extra. The
power adapters come with a set of stickers. There is this warranty card. And here comes the user
manual. The port sharing as written here is quite confusing. You can see the graphics below this to
know how to operate and use this thing. Another thing that comes with this is the cable. It is a 65
watts USBC cable. Every component is double-wrapped in plastic.


All these products share inner tech or ETL for their safety listings out there in the market in foreign
countries. it is written in giant letters on the top of the products. These chargers have the DOE 6
mark which is a requirement for the ideal power consumption and efficiency from 25% to 100%. The
weight of this product is 5.5 ounces. The product size is 2.951.421.26 inches. It comes in only two
colours – black and white. It provides 5 Amps of power. The 65 watts adapter has a string of text that
is not easy to make sense of. It has three ports. This adapter has a lot of modes of operation. It uses
USB power delivery 3.0 specifications. It can deliver the usual 5V, 9V, 15V and 20V fixed modes. But
it can also deliver a programmable output voltage of 11V with the full 45 watts. When it reaches 81
watts, it gets turned off by itself. It produces less heat while working, which is a good thing. The USB
type C cable is capable to give up to 100 watts of power. You can charge 6 devices simultaneously
with those two AC outlets, the two USB A ports and two USB C ports. That orange colour is the
higher-rated option for USB A. Type C 1 will give you a power output of 45 watts. Type C 2 will give
you a power output of 20 watts. In this thing you get an all-in-one charger, you do not have to plug
in different gadgets in different outlets anymore. The compatible devices for this are Chromebook,
laptops, iPhones, Samsung devices, smart watches, tablets and more. The cable is 5 feet long. It
gives you more charging capability in a smaller area. It charges up devices at a super fast speed.


Although it is an old adapter if 2019 and after this, we have the 100 watts adapter. The power
consumption is a bit noisy but okay. The overall performance is fine. The power efficiency is quite
high. It meets the DOE 6 requirements. You can take this while travelling because it is small and
compact. It has very good ratings and reviews on amazon as you can see. You can go for it. It gives
you fast charging. This lets you carry it around anywhere you go. You can take this while travelling, in
your office and of course at your home. It costs only 18 USD which is very less for a product
sufficient enough like this. Try this out and let us know if you liked it or not. Do not hesitate to ask if

you have any questions about this product. You can write your queries down here below in the
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