Boya BY-M1 vs Maono AU-100 – Mic Comparison by Zedioptima

If you are a digital creator then a microphone is as essential to you as a pen to a writer. There are a lot of mics by different brands but today we will discuss about and compare two types of microphones by two very famous brands. The mic brands I am talking about are Maono AU 100 and Boya By-M1. We will be telling you the difference or similarities between these two devices starting from their sound quality, and size to the price range.


Both have kind of similar types of packaging. The things you will get inside the boxes are, the microphones to start with, then the noise cancellation foam, and a clip to attach the mic with your shirt. Maono gives you an extra battery. If one battery does not work for some reason, then you have the option to use the other one. Boya does not offer any extra battery. You will get the extension plug in both of these mics. They give you a small carry bag inside which the microphones can be found. You can carry the mic very easily in these carry bags. They are waterproof too.


Boya’s connector’s size is a bit thicker than the other. The clip in Boya is a more sturdy one than in Moana. But Moana’s overall control panel is more impressive. In Boya, there is an inlet port other than the main mic to cover up all the noise coming from an angle of 360 degrees. But in Moana, there is only one inlet port.

Boya BY M1
Boya BY-M1

Moana’s mic is very slimmer compared to Boya’s mic. In Maono AU 100, you will find two noise-cancellation foams but in Boya By-M1 you will get only one of these things. The mics are similar to look at.

Boya BY M1 Pro vs Boya BY M1 1
Maono AU-100

There is no difference in design and structure. The power is almost the same. The capacity of catching sound is the same in both. The size of the wire is also the same in both. It is six meters. The color of the wire is the same but the Maono’s wire has a matt finish color and the other one is a bit glossy, both in the color of black. Built quality is the same in both. Maono has a strip to keep the whole wire tied. The size and design of the controllers are the same. The brand name and logo are mentioned in both the mics. There is a switch on the controller which you can use if you want to connect it to a DSLR or some other device. If you want to use it on a mobile, turn off the switch. They both provide a jack whose length is 3.5 mm. There is an extension that you can use with an amplifier. You can check it for yourself. The Boya mic has a very good sound quality. Now let us see how good the Maono is. They both have very clear sounds. You can check for yourself which one has a crystal clear sound and buy whichever you want. It is the easiest to use on your phone. You just have to push the connector of the mic to your smartphone and it will work. If you want to use it on your DSLR, laptop, or any other device, you have to turn on the button first, then you may connect it.


Both of these microphones cost nearly 800 INR. You would not get anything better than these two budget-friendly mics anywhere. If you use it indoors, the sound will come clearer. If you use it outdoors, the background noise will be a little high. If you liked the review and got any help from this video, please like and share it. Subscribe to the channel. We’ll meet on the next video.

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