Cycplus A5 Portable Electric AirPump Inflator Review by Zedioptima

We are here again to serve you an exactly good gadget that is very useful for your life. Cycplus Air Inflator A5 is a Rechargeable and Portable Air
Compressor Tire Inflator Electric Pump. It is very useful for your journey. It has 12V DC with Digital Gauge LCD Display Emergency LED Light Hand Held 150PSI High
Pressure for Car Bike and Other Inflatable A5. It is not too expensive so you can easily go for it. If you are a bicycle rider such as a mountain biker, road biker, BMX, or e-biker, or you have a car then you should go for it for your safety. The cost of a Cycplus Air Inflator A5 is RS 4000 to 5000, which is not too much so you can easily buy it for your safety.

Cycplus Air Inflator A5 Portable Electric AirPump Review
Best Electric Portable Air Pump for Car, Bikes CYCPLUS A5 Air Compressor Unboxing & Review


● Brand: ‎ CYCPLUS
● Size : 56mm×56mm×172mm
● Weight: 350g
● Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
● Max inflation pressure: 150 PSI and 10.3 BAR and 990 KPA and 10.5 kg/cm2
● Reference pressure : For car 2.3-2.5bar / for road bike 100-120psi / for mountain bike
30-50psi \ for basketball 7-9psi
● Time from empty : car 8 min \ road bike 2.5 min\ mountain bike 2 min \ basketball 0.5
● Item Weight: 350 gm
● Product Dimensions: ‎ 6.8 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches
● Batteries: 4 Lithium-ion batteries are required.
The package comes with which gadgets?
It is a perfect package. You will benefit from it. In the packet you can get:
● 1x inflator
● 1x air tube
● 1x balloon converter
● 1x Valve Converter
● 1x Ball Converter
● 1x Cigarette Lighter Cable
● 1x USB Charging Cable
● 1x User Manual

Why should you choose this Cycplus A5 Portable Electric AirPump?

This mini pump has many advantages which can satisfy their buyers.

  1. Size:
    The pumper is small in size. Horizontally 56mm of 2 inches and vertically 172mm or 6.8 inches.
    And its weight is 350 gm. So you can easily carry it to every place.
  2. Display:
    You can easily see the display in a sunny area. FSTN anti-glare display used in this model. This
    is very powerful and useful.
  3. Power Bank Design:
    You can get a power bank with it. If you long-press the + button then the off state can turn on/off
    the power bank. It has an automatic off system. System. Maybe you put it in and forget to
    remove it after 60 minutes. It supports Android and iOS both. When you turn the power it
    automatically off.
  4. Emergency LED Flashlight:
    You can get a good opportunity with an LED flashlight. When it becomes Dark or if your car’s
    headlight is broken then it can help you. It has 80 lumens and gives you 7 hours of nonstop
    service. If you want to switch the on or off the light you should long-press the unit button.
  5. Power supply mode:
    It has two power supply modes.
    The battery can give you 90% of inflation daily. Which is more than your need.
    By chance your battery is dead or your car tires inflated you can alternate custom car power cords.
    You can use it when you need it.
    It has a cigarette lighter. When you want to charge faster than you can use the car’s cigarette
    lighter power cords. Its power cord length is 300cm, about 118 inches, especially suited for your
  6. All tires:
    It is fittable for every type of tire. Cycplus Air Inflator A5 is Perfect for covering all types of
    tire pressure demand. You can easily deal with it in various situations.
    It is a Customized professional tire pressure movement. It has a high-precision pressure sensor.
    You can get a One-button setting with it.
  7. Auto-off:
    Cycplus Air Inflator A5 allows you to auto-stop. Maybe you don’t understand when to stop it.
    Then this feature can help you.
  1. How to use it?
    ● You have to Connect one end of the air tube to the inflator and the other end to the tire
    ● Then you have to long-press the power button to switch it on.
    ● The Press unit button for switching the unit.
    ● If you want to increase or decrease pressure press the + and – button.
    ● Then press the power button for starting inflation.
    ● If you want to pause or continue you should press the power button.
    ● When it reaches the pressure then it stops working.
    So you can get this opportunity and become like a VIP after choosing it. If there is any problem
    with this gadget in between one year we provide you repair or refund or replacement service.

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