CYCPLUS CUBE Smallest Airpump for Bike Review by Zedioptima

Manual air pumps for inflating bikes have gone out of style, to be honest. Electric air compressors are now a very good substitute for those traditional air pumps. With these electric air compressors, you can very easily inflate tires which is time-saving as well. There are a lot of electric pumps on the market. But they all are made in such a way that you can use them at your home but cannot carry them around. You may need this the most when you are going for a ride. Cycplus has brought their latest cube smallest electric pump for bikes which solves all these problems at once. Let us discuss how handy and useful CYCPLUS CUBE Smallest Airpump is.

Packaging of CYCPLUS CUBE Smallest Airpump

CYCPLUS CUBE Smallest Airpump

The packaging comes in a beautiful, sober while colored cardboard box. It has an aluminum exterior case. Inside the box, you will get the cube inflator, a silicone cover, USB-C charging cable, metal inserts for Schrader valves and spare rubber insert, and a user manual to guide you with all the instructions you need to operate this thing.

Design & Features of CYCPLUS CUBE Smallest Airpump

The size of this device is literally even smaller than your mobile phone. You can put it in your pocket. you can pull out the silicone sleeve to reveal the metal case. The weight of the pump is just 100 grams. This is too lightweight. Its length of it is 2.5 inches and its width is 2 inches. This is even smaller than the palm of your hand. The material of the pump is metal. Here is the name of the brand written on both sides. Some basic information is given in the bottom area of it. The power button is on one side of the pump. It is on reset so you don’t need to worry about it being switched on accidentally. The USB-C port is on another side of it. Please look into whether you are not covering it up while using that pump. The nozzle is on the opposite side of the USB port. It is easy to change into Presta and Schrader. You have to twist the nozzle out. If you want to change the configuration, take off the metal piece and turn it over and place it again. You just have to decide beforehand which configuration you want. This has a single power button interface by pressing it once the green light turns on. There are three levels of it – green, yellow, and red. Green means that it is above 80% of charge and red means it is less than 50%. They use very small batteries, but still, they managed to achieve this kind of portability. It has a 300 mAh battery. With this, you can inflate four 700/25 C tires from 0 to 60 psi. One tire will take around 60 seconds. You can do two tires for 80 psi. if you want 100 psi you are limited to one tire. 100 psi is the highest you will get in any other pump. The generally used range is between 60 and 80. The battery indicates when you need to put it in charge and when it is fully charged. Just ensure that you kept it on the green before you went riding. By pressing the power button twice, you can switch it on and it makes quite a noisy sound. It takes 60 seconds to go from 0 to 60 psi, 80 seconds to go from 0 to 80, and further if you want 100 psi.
You just have to attach it to your tire and your work is done there. You can see after using it for 60 seconds the battery status is yellow. So you have to keep charging it from time to time. And you cannot do it too many times in a row.


The most interesting feature of it that makes it stand out from other electric pumps in the market is its small size. You are able to carry it anywhere. You can take it while riding that’s the most important part. Moreover, it can inflate tires within 60 or 80 seconds which is really really fast. It is ultra-portable. Although it has some drawbacks like it lacks a pressure gauge. The runtime is also limited when turned on at higher pressure. But still, this device is so cool that you can ignore a few minor red flags. It replaces not only the traditional air pumps but the other electric pumps available in the market as well. So you can totally go for it. Let us know if you liked it.

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