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Hello users! How do you do? We are here today to serve you the best robotic Vacuum Mop cleaner which can help you to maintain the hygiene of your home. Our home is a place where we feel most comfortable and safe. But if our home becomes unhygienic and dirty then we feel disgusted. Our latest robotic vacuum cleaner and mop can help you to prevent your home from any kind of dust and debris. As we become updated day by day, every person in the house is now busy with their work. They do not have any time for cleaning. So this can help you in cleaning and save a lot of time.

About the Product, Dreamed L10 pro:

Dreamed L10 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is designed by Dreametech. This Robotic Vacuum has Superb Lidar Navigation power. It has 4000Pa Strong Suction, and a good level of Runtime, it is helpful for Pet Hair and cleaning Hard floors, and Carpets. These Robot Vacuum Cleaners are basically black. One can control these machines through apps or voice. It can go thoroughly on the Hard Floor or Carpet.

Dreame L10 Pro Vacuum Mop
Dreame L10 Pro Vacuum Mop

Why you should choose Dreamed L10 pro:

Although you came to know that it can help you a lot to maintain your housing, before
you spend a little, you have to know what you can get from this Robot Vacuum Cleaner
and Mop.

  1. Lidar Navigation and Obstacles Identification:
    You can get all the new technologies with this Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2021. With this
    L10 Pro, you can get an opportunity for LiDAR Navigation. It has two lasers to better
    avoid obstacles. It can scan its surroundings and its 3d Technology can avoid 100+
    obstacles. If there is an obstacle then the machine becomes slow and changes its path. So

with this robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba, you do not have to take any kind of stress
for your furniture or pet.

  1. Not needed an empty floor:
    Emptying your floor can take a lot of time from you. But with Dreamed L10 pro you
    don’t have to do it. It can detect household obstacles, like slippers and dustbins. which are
    avoided earlier now. You do not have to put stuff away for the clean-up.
  2. Overlong Runtime:
    For an electronic gadget, a long runtime is very important. This gadget can give you this
    opportunity. It has a 5200 mAh battery which can give you 150 minutes of service. When
    you give a full charge in this robotic vacuum cleaner it can help you to clean 2690 sq ft
    and a mop can help you 2152 sqft in standards. You can get a charging dock. It can help
    you to charge this gadget.
  3. Cruises in order. Plans 8m ahead:
    Dreamed L10 Pro is an updated version. This latest version can scan at a radius of 8
    meters. It helps you to clean each and every place properly.
  4. Suction power:
    Designers use advanced brushless motors while making this gadget. It Mops and Sweeps
    in with the suction of 4,000Pa. And you will be surprised when you come to know about
    its dust tank capacity. Now it can store dust up to 570ml (0.15gal). It has basically four
    suction levels. This level is chosen which allows it to work up to 2.5 hours or
    reduce the working noise to 65 dB.
  5. Stronger on carpets, automatically.:
    You can use a robotic vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning. It is able to detect the
    carpets on your floor. Then it will suction boost and properly vacuum your carpets.
  6. Untangles hair on its own:

This robotic vacuum cleaner has a set of comb teeth in the brush module. As it is a
vacuum a lot of hairs are picked through Dreamed L10 pro and can untangle it. If you
want you can easily detach the brush.

  1. Listens And answers you:
    In this cleaner, designers use the latest technology and the machine can give you answers
    in seven languages. It is portable with Alexa. It can listen to you and give you answers as
    well as help you with cleaning.
  2. Phone App and Voice Control:
    It can detect Alexa voice and can be controlled by the MI app. It saves multiple maps,
    divides or merge areas, label rooms, and set no-go zones so that certain areas will not be
    cleaned or mopped. This is very helpful for you.
  3. Weight:
    It is only 12.22 pounds so you can easily carry it from one place to another.
  4. Packaging:
    It has interesting packaging. You can get one L10 Pro, a Charging Dock, a Cleaning
    Tool, a Power Cord, one Water Tank, a Mop Pad, and a Side Brush with this package.
    They offer you a 1-year warranty for this robotic vacuum cleaner in India and you can
    get lifetime service.
    How do robotic vacuum cleaners work?
    This latest vacuum cleaner does not get stuck and cleans smoothly and it brings a
    comfortable life for you. So here is some cleaning process:
    Zone Cleaning:

You can easily set up attention areas to clean. That mop will go through the place
Multiple times and clean the whole place.
Cleaning Strategy and room mapping:
The room-by-room cleaning procedure can help you to choose a room to clean. By room-
by-room mapping utilizing lidar navigation, it customizes cleaning. It can clean your
whole house like that.
Invisible Wall:
You can create an invisible wall for it through a phone app. So you can exclude a place
where cleaning is not required.
Dry & Wet Cleaning:
You can get a robotic vacuum cleaner with wet and dry cleaning opportunities. It has a 570ml
dust bin and a 270ml electric water tank.
Quiet and Powerful:
These Cleaners have a five-layer noise reduction system. So it can absorb all the
unwanted noise.
Riding Over:
This vacuum cleaner can climb a height of 0.79-the inch step. It does not stop if it crosses
slide rails and lower thresholds.
Prevent falling:
It has a facility for anti-falling sensors. So you do not have to waste time taking care of it
during the cleaning process. It cannot fall from stairs and edges.
Edge Cleaning:

It can sweep along the edge. It effectively cleans the garbage on the wall, making your
cleaning more thoroughly.
This robotic vacuum cleaner’s price is not too much and has many facilities. So choose
it today and make your house clean.

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