DriverGenius 3 in 1 Cfast Memory Card Reader for DSLR Camera

A card reader in today’s world is probably one of the most used object when it comes to technology. Everyone likes to keep a backup of their work. It could vary from a simple photograph to a large amount of data. You need a card reader to transfer the large data from your phone to the PC or vice versa. It is an essential object to be at the side table of your system. And it has made its place there. We all use some kind of card reader. You already got about what we are going to talk today. Yes, it is a card reader by DriverGenius. This is an upgraded version of the old HB080. Let’s dive into its features and how it works.

Packaging & Design

It comes in a flat box. The packaging is quite nice I must say. The kit comes with a robust metal type housing along with a braided cable. It is lightweight and small in size. It is bigger than its old version, still it is quite small. You can even carry it in your bag. The old one was thicker, it is flat and longer. It This card reader reminds me of the Swiss army knife. Because it has a portable solution of accessing multiple types of memory card. Above all, it is a very flexible device for a variety of flash media to allow for quick transfer and backup files. The brand name is on the front side of the device. You will find a small LED light around here. When it is connected to any device to transfer files, the light will go green.


This card reader by DriverGenius is a very easy one to access. It can read all kinds of cards. You would want to check how old the USBC port of your computer is. Because that can affect the speed of transfer of files from one device to another. The difference between this and its older version is the difference of interface. This one claims to be a CFast 2.0. The previous one was just a CF card reader. It has that additional speed and compatibility. It also supports UHS -II 4.0 SD and micro SD card. In the old card you had to pop in a SD card into it, be it a micro SD card or a CF card. In the new one, you can pop all three cards at the same time which is a pretty good advantage and is really cool. You can process the transfer of files on all three cards simultaneously. The speed of transferring might not be as desired while using all the three ports together but it works fine according to me. It can transfer files, photos, videos within seconds. It says that it can transfer files within 5 seconds which is three times faster than connecting your memory card directly to your device. Also, maintains the resolution of images. Another difference between the two versions would be the difference of size. It is a bit bigger than its old version. You can connect it to your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. When you pop in a card in the device it does a click sound so that cards can be fixed well. It also saves from random insertion of cards. You do not need to download any drivers or programmes to use this thing. it works only by plugging and playing. They mention in the box that the data transfer speed is up to 5gbps.


It is the most suitable for those whose jobs require efficiency in ensuring the transfer, reading or writing of data. This is ideal for creative professionals like photographers, graphic designers, video editors, advertising managers. This costs 35 USD, you can check it in Amazon. The product comes very handy, easy to carry around, with amazing features and extra-ordinary speed of transferring files. Try this out, it will not disappoint you. Leave your comments on this review and like the video. Subscribe to the channel if you have not done that already.

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