Easine ILIFE G80 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review by Zedioptima

Today we are going to talk about the Easine ILIFE G80 cordless stick vacuum which is an amazing and very competent gadget. The name ‘Easine’ originated from the word ‘easiness’ by which it is already clear that it makes your cleaning easy. There is a little brush on the top right corner of the vacuum which is very much useful. It gets the dirt out of the hard-to-reach corners of your house. It kicks the dirt into the vacuum head. It has two levels of power. One is AUTO which is the normal power and the other one is MAX which is the high power. There is a brushless motor that offers up to 22Kpa suction. Kpa is the measurement of pressure and the higher the number is, the better the suction. Normally 5Kpa is fine for hair and dust. More than 16Kpa is good for any other stuff like food crumbs or bigger particles. So you can imagine how powerful the suction would be on 22Kpa in an Easine G80 vacuum cleaner. Using this high mode continuously can reduce the battery life to 18 minutes and 42 seconds. The battery indicator will start to blink when you have only two minutes of battery life left to use. It takes three hours to get fully charged up.
There are two different ways to store the vacuum in Easine. The low profile option is the wall mount that can hold the charging card or there is a dock you can leave on the floor to store the vacuum. The noise it makes is like a soft buzzing sound which is nothing compared to the regular vacuum cleaner that makes everything around it unhearable when it is on.

Easine ILIFE G80 Design & Features :

Easine ILIFE G80 Cordless Stick Vacuum
Easine ILIFE G80 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Like just another vacuum cleaner, it comes with multiple attachments and multiple brush heads. The clicking mechanism is very easy to use. You just have to press the orange button to release the used tool and put up a new one. You can put any tool you find useful, mix and match according to your choice and cleaning needs. There is a nozzle that slides in and out for hard and soft edges to protect the surface when necessary. It also has two different roller brushes to be used on different surfaces like carpets, tiles, mosaic floors, and laminated carpets. You can change the heads easily within a few seconds. It has a very interesting feature, that being fact that it has lights on its head which illuminates the room in case you decide to clean in the dark. And the flashlight is quite powerful. It lights up the whole room. It has 270 degrees of swivel capacity. It can rotate its head around the chairs, tables, legs, and other odd areas. The product weighs only 1.95 kg or 4.2 lbs. you can lift it easily and carry it from one room to another while cleaning your house. With the brush motor vacuums there persists a problem that they don’t last much longer. But Easine G80 is a brushless motor. Here you can take advantage of reduced maintenance, improved efficiency, and reduced heat, and noise. The brushless motors are synchronous units with one or two permanent magnets. Power tools with a brushless motor are considered valuable products. The brushless motor will last way longer than the brush motor ones. With one single press of a key, the bottom of the canister opens up and you can throw the trash inside the vacuum into the garbage. The interior part twists out very easily which has some layers you can peel off to clean it up. After cleaning up, let it all dry. Then you can twist all the layers back into their place. You can pull out the top and take the easily removable and replaceable filter out. You can wash this too with water and dry completely and put it back into its place. There is an extra filter as a backup in case you want to use the vacuum before the washed one gets completely dry. So, you can see the difference in cleaning and maintaining the parts between the regular vacuum cleaners and Easine G80. It is so easy and convenient to maintain this vacuum cleaner.


Although Easine G80 is perfect in every way, it has a minor drawback. Its battery is not removable. Hence, you cannot just change the battery if having any issues with the product, you have to replace the whole product. Otherwise, this vacuum is super cool and the color combination of orange and white looks really fresh and tidy. Whatever features it does have, it abides by very well. I would definitely recommend this product. If you decide to buy this product, let us know how much easier your house cleaning has become.

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