EKSA StarEngine E5000Pro Gaming Headset Review by Zedioptima

A pair of quality, open-sounding headphones with spatial audio surround tech along with your own dedicated microphone is the best sound set-up you can have for the best gaming experiences. But this kind of sound system is pretty expensive and cluttery. This is why gamers choose a gaming headset that is more convenient and cheaper in price as well. Today we are going to have a review of the EKSA StarEngine Pro Gaming Headset which is a wonderful device. Let us dive into the video to know more about this product.


On the box, we have some manufacturing information. On the back side of the box, there are some specifications about the product. Let us just open up the box and see what we have got inside. First, you can see a nice pouch bag written the name of the brand on it. The material of the bag is velvet. The colour is grey. And the color of the logo is purple. Inside this drawstring bag, you will find the headset. Inside the flat box, we have the microphone. Then you have the 3.5 am jack and USB C cable. And lastly, we have this user manual to guide you with all the information you need about this thing.

EKSA StarEngine Pro Gaming Headset


This gaming headset is compatible with OS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Laptop, and mobile devices. You have to connect the microphone to the headphone. You can connect it directly with your headset. The leather head is very soft and does not stick tightly to your head causing you a headache. You can extend the headband like this. It is adjustable. You can adjust it by pulling this down and up according to your head size. The design is well crafted and very beautiful the combination of black and this neon green color is really catchy. On this side, we have this microphone port. And besides that, you got this USB C port. This is the multi-function button. And this one is for muting the microphone. This wheel-type button is to turn the volume up and down. On the insides, they mentioned which is right and which is left. Now let me show you how to connect the microphone. This is very easy and does not require any extra effort. Put the cable right over here and you are good to go. You can move the mic as per your needs. Plug it in with your computer or whatever device you want to work on. now plug this in with the headset. The lights on both sides come on indicating that it is on. now it is going on and off which looks really cool. If you press and hold this multi-function button you can control your LED light. So when the light is on it will be on standby mode. If you press it once, you can turn on the surround sound. If you press it again, you can turn off the surround sound. This headset has the feature of immersive 7.1 surround sound audio which is amazing. You can download the 7.1 drivers. You are able to set your preferences according to your choice and needs. It also does have an AI-powered environmental noise cancellation that can cancel up to 96% of the background noise. It is really beneficial when you are in an important office meeting or playing video games. This microphone also has the feature of noise cancellation. It is compatible with all platforms. This couple cable has two cables. One is USB C and the other one is a USB converter. then you have the actual audio jack and you also have the other USB C port.


You can use this headset with credible features for your play station, Xbox, or even for professional purposes. This is a perfect gadget for professional gamers. You can give this product a try. You will get this at just 69 USD which is much lesser than other headphones in the market with fewer features. Hope you liked the review. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment down below. Met you at the next tech review.

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