FeiyuTech vimble 2: bliss for all the bloggers:

Are you one of those who face a lot of trouble during a shoot from a mobile phone? Do you also
love to take selfies but taking your hand becomes short for the click? Or are you a blogger?
So I have a surprise for all of you. FeiyuTech viable 2 is the camera stabilizer that has come to
market with a lot of perfect features that can give you a good experience.
These stabilizers appeared on the market a few years ago. These things become popular with
DJI’s products. But these stabilizers have become more and more widespread. But now
FeiyuTech has launched a stabilizer that is one of the leaders in the field. This is a 3-axis
a stabilizer that is designed for users who use their smartphone as a camcorder. One can get these
gimbals for smartphones at a very competitive price. In the era of all DSLR gimbals, this
stabilizer can give you perfect satisfaction. So when you have it you don’t have to face any
Problems and can easily continue your work or passion. So now it is time to discuss the product.
Price: ₹5,999

About this product:

This Gimbal for smartphones is Compatible with iPhone 11 X 8 7, and Samsung Note 8 Note7.
You can use this gimbal for these phones. You can get an 18 cm Extendable Handheld, Object
Tracking, and Time-Lapse with it.
This FeiyuTech viable 2 is black. You can get a perfect phone holder in a low range with it.
These stabilizers are very light that’s why you don’t have to face any kind of Problem while
carrying or using this. Its weight is only 0.43 Kilograms. It is only 35 x 17 x 6.2 Centimeters. So
it is really easy to carry. The manufacturer of this stabilizer is ‎FeiyuTech and this is made in

FeiyuTech Vimble 2
FeiyuTech Vimble 2

What you may like:

● Fun and convenient extendable arm of this best gimbal
● It has Good stabilization
● You can enjoy a wide range of movement
● This is a user-friendly app with great tracking
● This mobile gimbal has a Simple layout and a few buttons
● You can enjoy a Great battery life with it.
Feiyutech Vimble 2 design and build quality:

Are you one of those who love to make films? Or do you love to make pretty videos? Then you
have certainly already taken an interest in the world of stabilizers. So this mobile gimbal is for
you. If you still don’t know what it is then here is your answer. It is simply known as a stabilized
pole that is also called a “gimbal”. Its objective is to smooth out movements and cancel the tremors
generated during shooting.
There are many devices on the market like the Vimble 2 that offer a classic design for this type
of product. It is made up of composite materials. One can open it up to 18 cm. This stabilizer is
one of the brand-new devices that have this feature. As it can extend up to 18 cm one can easily
shoot from above or from a wider angle.
You can also get an offer of a tripod that you can screw under the stabilizer for shooting your
videos with Feiyu. It can be very useful for you because it is widely used in filmmaking. If you
have it you can shoot it yourself for a live performance. You can get this tripod directly in the
box. There are also many people who want to use another tripod, this is not a problem because
the screw mechanism is industry standard.


In this stabilizer, you can get a joystick in the center of the handle. This joystick helps you to
move the phone from left to right or from top to bottom. It always depends on your force. When
you press it, the movement may or may not accelerate.
You can get the power button that is present below. There is another button that you can use for
taking pictures or capturing videos. You have to long-press and then the video will start. There is
a LED that is above the joystick. It can show you which mode you are in.
There is another power or mode button. It is located below. You can notice the on the front panel the
shutter. It is a button that works in tandem with the Feiyu ON app on your smartphone. This
gimbal for smartphones also helps you to take pictures. You have to do a short click for it and if
you want to create a video press it for a long time.
The LED that you can see in the joystick will tell you which mode you are in, and at the rear, in
addition to the plug to recharge the unit, a small trigger has been placed to quickly switch from
horizontal to vertical mode, refocus the gimbal or completely lock the unit so it doesn’t move.
Lastly, you can get a micro USB port in it. You can also enjoy the feature of zoom in and zoom
out with it. With white balance, different modes, etc.

But it is important to secure your smartphone. Designers also look after it. This gimbal for
smartphones are fittable for every smartphone from big to little and you don’t have to be afraid of

Feiyutech Vimble 2 software:

It is not important to use the Feiyu ON app, which is developed by the manufacturer. These are
able to use the Vimble 2. But it is convenient as it allows you more cool features like tracking
objects or people. It can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth, and the app is
both Android and iOS compatible.
You can enjoy Several settings with this stabilizer. You can adjust the engine speed and achieve
the best effects for videos. Though you can find the configuration rather good, it is nice to have
access to other options to adjust the camera and stabilizer.

Feiyu Tech Gimbal 2 battery:

You can get a long battery backup with Feiyu Tech vimble 2. You can use it for 5 hours. A
normal figure for these types of things. In practice, promises are kept, unless you use your
joystick a lot or recharge your smartphone using the second micro USB port on the gimbal.
So you can choose the best gimbal stabilizer. It is going to give you perfect satisfaction.

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