FIYPO FY16 PLUS Latest Smartwatch Review by Zediotima

I have used multiple smartwatches over the years. They were expensive and provided good service as well. But I find the FIYPO FY16 PLUS smartwatch somewhat different and better than other smartwatches. The reason I’ll tell you just right away. It’s not easy to find the right product at a cheaper price. But FIYPO FY16 is as much affordable as it is unique. It has many interesting features like a Bluetooth calling function, a fitness tracker, a heart rate monitor, a blood oxygen monitor, and so on. The design of the device is square-shaped with a 1.69” IPS screen, while most smartwatches of this price range come with a 1.33” or 1.50” screen. The resolution is 280/240 with a very much vivid and bright screen.

FIYPO FY16 PLUS Smartwatch Design & looks

The quality is uh-ma-zing, you won’t get this kind of quality at this price range in any other smartwatch. The frame is made of metal, not plastic, which is unexpected in a watch.
It takes 115 minutes to get fully charged. When it has a full charge, you can put it on standby mode for 10 days. If you use it too much then also it will work for more than two days. If you don’t use any extra features then it will give you service for almost a whole week. On the website, they mention that the battery life can go on for 21 days. But I could use it for not more than 8 days. I was pretty active with all the features though. Still, there might be some misinformation on the website just on this matter.
Talking about the display panel, it goes beyond 650 nits when it is in full brightness. This slider is for increasing or decreasing the brightness. You can slide it down to pretty dim. If you slide it from left to right you will see a panel. And by sliding from right to left, you can add any component according to your choice and need. There is the option of breathing exercises. You can choose how many minutes you want to exercise. Here you can see options for how many steps you take or how many calories you burn or how many kilometers you run for. The heart rate monitor is pretty good. It keeps measuring and updating your heart rate. But if you constantly keep measuring, it will drain your battery. It has a blood pressure monitor which works fine. Then there comes the feature of music control. If you are listening to music on your smartphone, you can control that. There are too many components. You might feel a little confused at first about which one to use and which one to not. So, for that, you have the choice to delete the components you don’t want. If you slide it from bottom to top, you will get all the notifications and messages. If you slide from top to bottom, again you will get a few options, like Bluetooth call, battery percentage, settings, find your phone, brightness, and your personal voice assistant. If you own an iPhone, you can activate Siri in the smartwatch by connecting it to your iPhone. Another important feature is that this smartwatch comes with an ip67 rating. It is waterproof, you can even go swimming wearing this watch.
Inside the box, you will get a user manual where you will get all the information with illustrations drawn for your convenience, and a very good charging cable. To connect your smartwatch to your smartphone, you have to download the V Fit app on your smartphone. It is available both on the google play store and the apple app store. After downloading, you have to select the equipment and then add a watch. This application found my smartwatch within a second. After pairing the devices, you can go to the market to change your watch face. You will get plenty of dials to which you can set it. Let me show you some additional features – app notification reminder, bracelet alarm clock, sedentary reminder, a reminder of compliance, drink water reminder, emergency contact, address book, wallet, and more. When you don’t want to measure your heart rate, you can disable automatic heart rate detection. Because it will drain your battery faster. If you use it while using other features too, it will go on for up to 3 days. You can also set how you want to view the display. There are cellular view, grid view, list view, and others. Here is a dial pad to make a phone call.
Given all the unique features it has, the price is really cheap. I am amazed by the fact that it only costs 5,117 INR. You must give it a try and let us know how much you like it.

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