Folomov C2 Mini EDC Flashlight Review by Zedioptima

I have used many flashlights and torch lights. We all know the benefits of a flashlight. But have you ever thought that a flashlight can be much more than just a tool lighting everything up for you? Yes, like a premium version of a normal flashlight. The new Folomov C2 Mini EDC flashlight is a new one in the 14300 cell line from Folomov. It is a fascinating little light. The previous versions of Folomov flashlights were already so good. God knows what’s more in store for Folomov. I can’t wait to dive into the features of this mini flashlight. Let’s get to know all about this product.

Folomov C2 Mini Packaging

Inside the very small and cute box, you will get the Folomov C2 Mini EDC flashlight, Folomov 14300 cell, USB to micro USB charging cables, 2 spare o-rings, and a manual to guide you with all the instructions and information regarding this flashlight.

Size and Design

One of the most noticeable features of this flashlight is its extraordinarily small size. They mention it in the box too. It weighs only 12.4 grams. On the back it shows, it is only 45.5 mm which is very tiny. Let me make it more clear to you with a few comparisons. Olight I3T EOS, which is a pretty good quality flashlight, is much longer than the Folomov C2. So, the thing is that you might find a lot of decent flashlights in the market, that would provide good quality and service as well. But Folomov C2 EDC makes it all the more convenient for you to carry around in your pocket.

Features of Folomov C2 Mini

This updated version of Folomov flashlight uses the same battery as well as a very similar switch and user interface. Folomov does not sell the battery of this flashlight separately. So you have to buy another flashlight if you ever face any issues and want to replace the batteries. And also, it is only 14 mm in width and 30 mm in length. You can see that this is very smaller than any standard-size battery. That is also a reason for not getting any separate batteries for this flashlight in the market. It is an onboard charging battery. If I close it right here, there is no open port for charging. Some flashlights have silicone ports but they are not really waterproof and they wear out quite easily. So this is a good thing that this Folomov flashlight is totally enclosed. It is ipx8 waterproof. You can put it in 3 meters underwater for a long 30 minutes of span. If you open and close the light a lot to charge it up, the o-ring might get worn out. But you don’t have to worry. Because it comes with two extra sets of o-rings. The battery is rechargeable so you can charge it anywhere you have a source of power.
It also has a clip at the side of it you can use to cling it to your pocket or your shirt. The emitter is upward. So, there is no chance of lighting it up mistakenly. As you know, when the flashlight of your phone lights up unknowingly and people come and tell you to put it off. You can easily notice here if the emitter gets lightened up accidentally. The clip fits very well. You might worry about losing the flashlight, given the very small size it has. But the clip makes sure of it that it stays right where you put it. It would be nice if it had a keyring hole, though. Then you could carry it more easily. Otherwise, it is very agreeable. The tier optic diffuses the light so that you don’t get too much of a hot spot. The beam it throws is a perfectly adequate amount of light. When you turn on the light

in memory mode, it will go on to the last brightness level it was on last time. I’ll show you the different modes of light it has. The lowest one is the moonlight mode which is 1 lumen. It is a very nice dim light. It’s kind of the light in which you might want to have a candlelight dinner. You can light it up in this mode for 270 hours straight. Then you got 10 lumens which go up to 30 hours. Then there are 50 lumens for 6 hours and 150 lumens for 2 hours. The highest mode is 525 lumens which go up to 1 hour. But this does not stay for one hour to be very honest. It starts to fade away before one hour comes to an end. You can turn on the strobe mode with a double click on the button. Here you will get different modes like strobe, SOS, and beacon. The light throws at a distance of 88.9 m approximately.


In the end, I would like to say that you get a lot of brightness out of a really small package at a very reasonable price. With a pretty passable user interface as well as waterproof. Onboard charging battery that’s not really proprietary but at least you can charge it. Give it a chance to light up your surroundings and let us know if it helped you or not. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up and leave your comments and queries on this mini flashlight.

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