Gatekeeper Halberd Smart Computer Security Lock & Key Review by Zedioptima

A computer smart lock is a beneficial thing to have. It lets you get right down with your work
without you needing to remember the password. It gives you security when you are away
from your computer. It keeps all your data safe. Otherwise, you must use strong

passwords for your computer that are hard to remember. You might also be using
fingerprint unlock which is annoying sometimes. And sometimes it creates some unwanted
glitches. It is not impossible that you got an urgent work and you walk away from your
computer logged in. In that case, anybody has access to your computer and the data you
were working on. That person might even change your password to something else. Then
you would not have access to your own computer. To save you from all these mishaps, here
is this Gatekeeper Halberd computer security wireless proximity token. It is the latest version of the Gatekeeper
proximity authentication token. This comes with an ultra-small USB proximity Bluetooth
sensor to get password-free login and auto logout.


In the package, you will get a Gatekeeper Halberd key and a USB proximity sensor,
Bluetooth smart technology, and a replaceable CR2450 3V battery with a battery life of 6
months. The workstation also includes these little clips, these belt fobs, and a neck wrap that
you can hang over your neck.

Gatekeeper Halberd Smart Computer Security Lock & Key Review by Zedioptima
Gatekeeper Halberd Smart Computer Security

Features of Gatekeeper Halberd Computer Security

Let us see what features we shall get in this Gatekeeper Halberd proximity token. Once your
computer configures itself, it will constantly search for this. When the computer finally finds it,
it automatically unlocks your computer. And when you walk away, it locks your computer. It
is 256-bit AES encrypted. So you can imagine how powerful it is. You can also do one more
thing for extra security. you can have a pin with six or eight digits in it. If you have a bunch of
workstations each one assigned to an individual when you walk away your workstation will
automatically lock up. This smart lock comes with a little dongle. I turned it on. Now, look at
this. My computer is already logged in. You just have to push a button and it will log you out.
It will log you in again when you have the key fob. Now try walking away from the computer.
It takes 5 or 6 seconds to lock. When you walk towards it again, it will log you in. you can
use the software by Gatekeeper on your smartphone. There is a mobile application called
Trident. You can install it from the google play store. In this app, you can push the lock
button and it will lock the computer. Now we will use the phone as the proximity sensor and
check if it works. With the phone, it is working faster you can see. Earlier it took a few
seconds to log in and log out. Now it worked just in an instant. Your phone has to be within 3
inches of reach to log you in when you come near the computer. The Gatekeeper is powered
by a CR2450 battery. It lasts for 6 months. There is a button on its side. If you push that
button it will go into action mode. It works the same as the lock button on the phone in the
mobile app. It does come with an extra battery so you are getting 1 year of battery life
straight away. Here are 2 little tiny Bluetooth dongles. The workstation kit gives you the
ability to use one of the extension cables to connect the dongle at the front of your computer.
It does not go for a laptop. But on a desktop, Bluetooth is in the back of the computer. So

you can not put this on your desktop. You can instead slide it under your desktop or leave it
on top of your desktop tower. The extension cables are there to solve this kind of problem.
With this thing, you can configure multiple computers at the same time.


There are situations when you have to hide your data not just casually but because you might be
working on some secret legal project or medical office. In those situations, this can be really
helpful. If you have a computer that has a good Bluetooth sensor system, you can also use
that. But it is much better than leaving your computer unlocked and insecure. Suppose you
are working on your laptop sitting in a café and you go to the washroom without logging out.
That is not impossible to happen. Most of the time you are in a hurry so it is always better to
choose the safer option. Hope you liked the review. For more such content stay tuned with

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