Hokolite Bike Light Set Red 1200 Lumens Review by Zedioptima

You all must have ridden bikes at some point in your life. So you know the importance of a flashlight on a bike. Especially when you are riding at night, the road gets pretty hard to identify. You might spend a lot to add a flashlight on your bike. But what if I tell you that I have an affordable solution to your problem? The Hokolite bike light puts out 1200 lumens at its highest setting. It really lights up your way at night time. This light set is designed for various applications. You can use it as a portable flashlight or any other work light.

Design & Features of Hokolite Bike Light

Hokolite Bike Light
Hokolite Bike Light

This bike set has 7 light modes – full brightness, half brightness, strobe, COB high mode, and COB low mode, and 2 long-press red warning light mode. The strobe setting is very useful as it helps you increase your visibility in the daytime to oncoming drivers. It gives you 3x brightness with the big COB panel which lights up the entire road. You can have the view in a 360-degree direction. The light throws up to 1000 feet. It comes with a rear light, making you more visible. You can charge it using the USB cable. You don’t have to face any difficulty in replacing the battery and all that. It does not drain any extra energy. It gives you environment-friendly protection. You can also charge your smartphone or any other USB-powered device with this USB cable.
The horn is in the same unit as the light. You can push the button connected to the light/horn by a non-detachable cord to make it sound. The cord is 13 inches long. You can mount the light/horn on the handlebar to the left of the stem. As well as push the button on the right of the stem. The sound of the horn is quite loud. You can hear this from a distance of up to 100 feet. This horn sounds more like a police vehicle siren. To check if it has any effect on the charging canines, I tried to organize a dog chase but couldn’t. It’d be better to consider the horn for getting someone’s attention as the website claims. Its sound will likely jolt humans less than an airhorn blast would.
The light/horn can be unclipped from its stretch strap but the push button cannot be detached from its strap. The light and the push button are connected by a non-detachable cord. So, to charge up the light off the bike, you have to remove both the light and the push button. The supplied USB cable is very short. But using an extension cord, it’s easy enough to charge the light/horn on the bike.
The tail light is attached to a stretch strap as well. It can be easily mounted to the frame of your rear rack as to your seat post. The face of the tail light is a bit larger than a silver dollar and it shines brightly. but the unit is not rechargeable. It takes power from a single 2032 battery. Both the headlight and tail light can easily be fastened or loosened without using any tool. This bike light fits most bikes, mountain bikes, kids and road bikes, and beach cruiser bikes for women. The mounting bracket is replaceable and it fits all handlebars. This makes it easier to mount in any direction. You can keep it inside your car, basement, attic, and emergency kit. Use it while cycling, walking, camping, hiking, jogging, and running. This light can be used for any outdoor activities and can be used as an emergency flashlight to keep you safe on your night outs.


You would not get a product like this for just 13 USD. In the package, you will find one bike headlight, one bike tail light, one USB cable, and one user manual to guide you through all the information you need regarding this light. This is a must-recommended product. I’d like you to use it for once and let us know how it helped you.

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