Hollyland Lark 150 Wireless Microphone System Review by Zedioptima

So we are here again to serve you the best quality products. Our today’s reviewing product is
Hollyland Lark 150 Wireless Microphone System. It is a recently launched product that has a dual-channel wireless
microphone setup. This is one of the smallest and lightest wireless microphone systems on the
market. The price is £312 which is not higher than other products and it also attracts one
potential user. The set is very useful for videographers, vloggers, and mobile journalists.

Hollyland Lark 150 Wireless Microphone Review
Hollyland Lark 150 Wireless Microphone System

● Key features:

In Hollyland Lark 150 package you can get
● 2 Clip-On Microphones,
● 2 transmitters, 1 Receiver,
● 1 Fast Auto-Pairing, Charging Case,
● 3.5mm Audio Monitor Output,
● 2 Lavalier Microphones and Windscreens,
● Less Than 5 ms Latency at up to 328′, and 2 Furry Windshield.
It has Safe/Mono/Stereo Switchable Output Modes. You don’t have to worry about noise, you
can get the DSP Noise Cancellation and Anti-Vibration formula with it. You can get an opportunity
of Smart Frequency Selection, a Two-Way Mute system, and Plug & Playing Operation are so
easy. Hollyland Lark 150 can give you professional based sound quality in any condition. You
can get 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Transmission. It is small and lightweight so you can easily
carry it.

Lark 150 Wireless Microphone System product quality and features:

● Frequency Bandwidth: 2.4GHz AFH
● Lavalier Mic: Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
● Reference Audio Input Level: -65 dBV
● Transmission Latency: 5ms
● Firmware Upgrade Method: PC
● Brand: PERGEAR
● Connector TypeUSB: 3.5 mm Jack
● Connectivity Technology: USB
Transmitter and receiver:
You don’t have to face any problems because of its weight and size. It is user-friendly and you can
take it anywhere. The weight of the transmitter is 20.5g & the size is 373717.5m, the receiver’s weight

is 51g, and the size 674120.5mm, Charging Case is 227.5g, and 1216143.5mm. So you can
easily carry it.
It is also easy to access. The transmitter contains a power button to mute and activate the channel
and a 3.5mm TRS audio input. In the receiver, you can get two volume knobs on both sides of
the screen to adjust the volume of the dual-channel mode.
2.4GHz Digital Wireless Transmission:
Hollyland Lark 150 is compact with a 2.4GHz Digital Wireless microphone system. It can give
you have a clear sound quality in every situation.
Charging Case:
A charging Case is very important for a traveler because they can use it anytime anywhere if the
battery charge becomes low. This charging Case is compact with super modules and well-
arranged. It can charge your system too fast. Its design serves easy charging, auto-pairing,
upgrade, and storage for the whole system. When you charge your system through it, the
transmitter works for 4 hours, while the receiver can last for over 7 hours.
5ms Latency with up to 100m Range:
Lark 150 can provide you the professional-grade sound quality of a range up to 100m with a 5ms
ultra-low latency.
OLED Display:
OLED Display is a display where you can see the status, audio level, signal strength, and more.
So it can give you a good experience.
<3S Fast Auto Pairing
You can get Hassle-free fast auto-pairing systems inside the portable charging case. It is very
easy to use.
Battery life and charging time:
Battery life is very crucial for a device. So you can get a good experience.
Charging time:
● Transmitter:1.5h

● Receiver: 2h
● Charging Case:2.5h
Charging cases can give you service 2.5 times.
Hollyland Lark 150 Wireless Microphone System: Sound Quality
The sound quality of this gadget is very good. It claims that there is less than 5ms latency and
100m stable wireless audio transmission. In this system, you can get output level adjustment for
each channel separately which gives a 21-step range covering 45db. It provides an opportunity for
a level meter for each channel on the receiver screen. This gadget has the ability to record stereo or
with one mic on both tracks either at the same level or with a -6db drop on channel 2. You can
record a clear and noise-free voice with it.


Hollyland Lark 150 is one of the best mini mikes. So don’t wait anymore, grab this opportunity
and have a good experience.

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