Hudway Glass Head-Up Display (HUD) for Car Review by Zedioptima

The function of a head up display is to give you all the information regarding your car status in a single screen. It projects an image on the windshield of your car or a panel just in front of the driver. It is a safety feature to have in your car. The driver does not need to take his eyes off the road to keep track with this system. You don’t know how much helpful it is until you use it yourself. It makes your drives way safer. It is a hologram of some sort that contains important data about your vehicle such as speed, the current speed limit, Navigation instructions and so on. Today we will have a quick review of the head up display by Hudway Glass. Let us get to know more about this technology.

Packaging & Design

The packaging is kind of mysterious with a matt black coloured box. Here it is mentioned that it works with the combination of your smartphone. In the back side of the box, we have some box content information and features. It works with android and ios both. Let us open the box and see what we have inside. Here is the logo of Hudway. First, we have the user manual to guide you on how to mount the Hudway Glass. Apart from the Hudway application, it will work with the Navmii navigation which supports head up display. Then you will find the Hudway glass inside a black pouch. The pouch will save the glass from scratches. Then here is the glass clamp. You will get two kinds of mounts – one has a rectangular base that serves as a cradle base. The other one is a fixed low profile mount. Both of the mounts can be attached to the dashboard of the car. It attaches to the glass on the circular end automatically. There you find two cards. One has codes to activate the Hudway Glass application. The other card has a NFC tag on it. The tag can be attached to the dashboard and can be used to launch a mobile app if the phone supports NFC. Other things you ill get in the box are, a USB cord, a little adapter for RCA input and a plug that will provide power to the main device.


The glass on this tool is not just any random plastic. It has very nice coating on it. Another mentionable thing it has, is that they made it removeable. So, when you walk away from your car for some reason, if you do not want to lay it around, you can just slide it off. When you come back to the car, you can push it in again in its place. You can use the plug to charge your Hudway device and your phone simultaneously because it has a second port for your USB. The wings on the both side not only seem to fold but hold their shape when you flex them which is really good as they allow the hud to mold into any shape or size of dash. Same goes for the front. You can bend it, still it will retain its shape. Let me show you how to install this thing in your car. The double sided adhesive tape covers the bottom of the device. You have to peel the tape off. Then you can place it on your dashboard. If you want to place it in the middle, sit in the middle portion of your sit and place in with your eye level. If you want to place it in left or right, just do the same. Your eyesight is the biggest component here. You can have it your comfort wise. The screen is big enough to accommodate for you to move around and still be able to see the display. Just make sure that you are pointing the glass in straight direction. It looks sleek and good from outside. It blends with the interior, making it look like a part of the car. The device turns on by itself every time you start the car. The display is a high resolution display. The words look so vivid and sharp. The interface is really clean. It is like a see through image. As you can see, the speedometer is in the center. The information you get on the left and right, that can be customized according to your choice. You can do it using the mobile app.


It is pretty cool that the head up display technology has advanced to the point where we can install it in our car. You can get it in amazon at just 7,954 INR. If you have any questions or you want to make any suggestions, feel free to comment down and like this video. Share with your friends. Subscribe to the channel.

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