Imolaza Smart Sprinkler Controller Review by Zedioptima

Today we are going to have a quick review of the smart sprinkler controller by Imolaza. It comes in four-zone or eight-zone models. It is made only for indoor use. If your system is in your garage or inside your house, it is a perfect fit for that. But they also provide a mounting kit for outdoor uses. You can keep the things in here when you are using them outdoors. This particular device is an eight-zone one. You can use these controls over here to control it manually. It connects to your wifi in order to connect with its mobile app. Let us see how the device works and how its app functions.


It is really easy to control it. You have to click these next buttons. The zones are mentioned here. You select a zone according to your choice and then hit the play button. The sprinkler will start watering. If you are in need of going somewhere in between you can hit the pause button and it will be paused for as long as you want. If I take off the cover, you can see the wires here. There are little screws at the bottom to tighten. Power supply plugs are in here. It will take some time to install it outdoors. Let us see the application I was so eagerly talking about. You can check the weather from here. You can see the water usage at the bottom area. It keeps track of how much water you are using. You can see the history of the current day or even a day a month ago. Now I will go to the zones. You can click pictures of your yard and set this up here like this. You can also edit these pictures from here. You can change the name, the photo, the type of the photo, the sprinkler type, the soil type, the size of the area, and more. You can go to the advanced mode with the information. So you can set whether it is grass, a plant, or a big tree. The same goes for the information about the sprinkler. You can set whether it is a spray or a drip zone. Suppose, if the wind is blowing, it might delay the spray but it does not need to delay a drip zone. You can hit the quickly run thing if you want to run your watering system at a glance. When it is a really hot and dry day and you need an extra run, you can use the feature of the quick run. You can the yard schedule option. You can set up a time on which you can run it every day. You can set multiple schedules for your different sprinkling plans. The zone-wise time setting option is also available. You can set for how long the sprinkling should be going on. You can select smart soak. This option gives you a slight delay between watering. It lets the water sink down before the next watering. In weather intelligence, you can select the options rain skip, and wind skips. You can set up a smart schedule to enable intelligent decisions on the watering time based on different factors. When the system is running it will send you a notification. Even if the system does not work or misses for some reason, you will know. If it loses wifi service, the program still runs itself. You will get notified that your Wi-Fi is not working, so if you connect to the Wi-Fi again, you will get all the information. But the system running would not get affected by this. The device will be running as per the given schedule. It can also be operated manually when not connected to wifi. In the settings, you have to give basic information like controller settings, and an account you can set up.


It is super easy to use but ultra-modern as well. The features it gives are pretty advanced. You can use it manually or through wifi, you have quite a lot of options. Imolaza has done something really cool with its latest gadget. If you are looking for a smart sprinkler, you should definitely go for this. Hope you liked the review. Follow us and stay tuned for more such reviews.

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