LensGo 318C Lavalier Mic Review by Zedioptima

LensGo 318C Lavalier Mic is a 100% Brand New Item which is a Collar Clip wireless microphone. It is
a video microphone that is suitable for smartphones, Camcorders, and Digital Cameras. use for
making blogs or videos. It is black.

Package contains of LensGo 318C Lavalier Mic

In the LensGo LWM 318C package, you get one output mic, one receiver, and one transmitter
unit. With the receiver, there are two magnetic clips attached to each unit’s underside. The pack
also contains two micro USB charging cables, one 3.5 mm TRS audio cable, and a 3.5 mm
TRRS monitor cable. With Mike, you can get a mic lapel clip. It has a windscreen for the

LensGo 318C Lavalier Mic
LensGo 318C Lavalier Mic

Specification of LensGo 318C Lavalier Mic :

Type of microphone: Omni-directional.
Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20 kHz
Signal Noise Ratio: 96dB
Battery type: 500 mAh.
Battery working time: 4-5 hours battery life
Maximum Operating Range: between 50 meters(20mm recommend)
Input Audio Connector: TRS or TRRS cable
Transmitter Mic Unit Weight: 30 grams
Mic Dimensions: 67mm Long x 26mm High x 30mm Wide.
Signal Channel: 20
Audio Output Socket: 3.5
Wireless Frequency Range: 560-590MHz
RF Output Power: 8dbm
Charger Socket: Mini USB
ABS plastic materials are used in the unit. This material is durable but liable to fingerprints and
scratches with daily use. The build of the units is solid and it never becomes loose when one
creates pressure on it.


Transmitter unit:
The transmitter mike has a low weight of only 30 grams. So one can easily carry it. You can clip
it to a heavy fabric t-shirt or sweater because if you clip the Mike near your body it may rest
against your chest. There is an inbuilt microphone on the back of the unit. On the underside of
the transmitter unit, the designer used a magnet for the security of the separate magnetic clip. Top of
the transmitter unit there is a power button and when someone switches the button a solid blue
LED light stays on. And on the side, there is a charging port.
Receiver Unit: The weight of the receiver is also 30 grams. You have to clip it to your camera’s cold shoe
mount. When the unit is powered on, a solid cyan-colored LED light stays on. There is a 3.5 mm
audio jack on the backside of the unit which helps in real-time audio monitoring.
Unique Magnetic Clip System:
The system has a good opportunity for Unique Magnetic clips. Those magnets are too strong.
You can attach it through your sweater and you don’t have to clip it to your collar. If you tug or
pull your sweater it will never become loose.
Battery life:
It has good battery life. You can easily use it for 4 to 5 hours without any disturbance.
Audio adjustment and quality:
It has windproof and noise reduction for improving sound quality. But you have to adjust the
audio through post-processing.
Without post-processing, the sound is decent out of the box. Compared to higher-end products
some are a little muddy but it is more cost-effective than those products. You can use a wired lav
mic for better sound.


The LensGo 318C Lavalier Mic is compatible with multiple devices. You can use an external microphone through it.
You can get a good package for a low amount so grab the offer quickly.

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