LIVALL BH51M Smart Helmet for Biker Review by Zedioptima

I remember one time I was riding somewhere on my bike and there was a big bumper in the middle of the road. My bike got hit by that bumper and I fell right on my face. I got hurt a bit but there was no serious injury. Do you know why? Because I was wearing a helmet. We wear helmets to protect ourselves from getting injured as we might face any kind of accident while we are out there on the road riding or driving. Technology has advanced so much that you can now get a smart version of regular helmets. LIVALL BH51M is such a gadget you really wanna know about. So let us dive into the video and know more about this thing.

Packaging & Design

The packaging comes in a very nice box of black color. The helmet is wrapped in transparent plastic. It looks nice and kind of futuristic. The inside area is very comfortable. It would not cause any irritation even if you have to wear it for hours. You can tighten the strap from the backside with the help of this little clip. On the back side, it has no brake lights. These will activate automatically when you draw a brake. There are more in the box. It is a controller, a remote controller BR 80. The controller is very small and cute. You can attach it to your bike handle. Here is a QR code from where you can scan the mobile app right away. On the other side of the card, there is a lot of information and programming you need to know about this thing. they mentioned their WeChat and Facebook also. You can check these out and contact them from here. You can follow them and get all the updates they shall bring about. And then we got a USB to charge up the helmet.

LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet
LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet


Livall is a brand that makes innovative helmets like bicycle helmets and snowboarding helmets. This time they have come up with really cool and extraordinary technology that very few companies do. They are making smart helmets for sports and other uses. Let us talk about some of its features. It has LED light features at the front and the back. This feature with making your path more visible from all directions. The brake warning lights are activated when the built-in gravity acceleration sensor detects a significant acceleration from the front. The rear lights will be enhanced for eight seconds to draw attention in the middle of a crowd or traffic. The all-detection alert mode means that if any situation or accident occurs, an emergency system will be automatically turned on and send your GPS location to the emergency contact through text message. Here this voice navigation helps you keep your eyes on the road and listen to the GPS direction via the built-in speakers and also your smartphone which you can connect with the device. The Bluetooth speakers are placed just above the ears to make you alert of the surrounding traffic sound. You can enjoy high-quality audio podcasts, and music also with the speakers. You can answer phone calls with a single click using the remote control. The windproof microphones give you crystal clear sound. The indicator signal allows you to alert traffic of your turning direction to enhance your visibility. The smart lighting feature lets the lights come on automatically in dark conditions. When you are in any kind of trouble, you can activate the SOS alarms just by pressing the red button on the remote. The emergency contact will receive an SMS with your GPS location. Here is a walkie-talkie that allows you to communicate with people when you are riding in a group.
In the mobile app, you can set everything according to your choice. You can add your photos here as a profile picture. And also your personal details in here. You can add an emergency contact phone no., your own music playlist, and more. It syncs automatically to the helmet when you are riding. You can check other devices from LIVALL here. You can keep track of your map time wherever you are going. You can connect with other people also like the web. It is almost like Instagram. You can see other people posting stuff in the feed section. You can follow others and post and upload your stories as well. by pressing the button, the power gets on and it is connected to the app. You can hear the music only when you put the helmet on. And it is not audible the moment you take it off.


If you like to ride bikes you can definitely try this thing. it is safer than regular helmets. It comes with a lot of incredible features. If you decide to buy let us know your experience with this. Hope you liked the video. Stay tuned for more tech-related content.

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