MicroNovelty EVO Shaver- The Smallest Travel Shaver for Men

MicroNovelty EVO Shaver is a very compact, portable, USB-C charging, cordless electric shaver for men. It’s an essential grooming product that is rechargeable &easy to clean.


You say perfection, I hear MicroNovelty EVO Shaver.

The MicroNovelty EVO Shaver is structured by using a rich-quality stainless steel blade. This is a product every man should own and one will surely not regret it. This shaver is a much more convenient option than any kind of razor. It is certainly true that razors are not that costly, but they are marked with the presence of certain disadvantages. The MicroNovelty EVO Shaver consists of a thin blade that makes the shave cleaner. Another important aspect of this particular product is that it ensures the utmost safety. It promises a smooth shave without the chances of any cuts.

Why should one purchase a MicroNovelty EVO Shaver?

Men are quite choosy about their shavers; they are concerned about how they look and how well-groomed they are. The MicroNovelty EVO Shaver does justice by providing an efficient shave. It can be used at home and can be carried to offices as well. For the purpose of washing the shaver, it is desirable to separate the blades first and then carry on with the needful. There are men who prefer a clean-shaven face over a bearded look. If that is the case with you all, then definitely this product will do wonders and live up to your expectations. Its portability makes it one step closer to being more unique than any other ordinary electric shaver.

Features of MicroNovelty EVO Shaver

MicroNovelty Evo Smallest Travel Shaver

It is pretty evident that the MicroNovelty EVO Shaver is very versatile in nature. Not only that, they ensure smooth skin after shaving. It is characterized by several unique features which are the following: –

● Compact size: We often see women carrying bags, but we rarely see men carrying a bag or a carrier. This is because men have pockets. Well, the size of the MicroNovelty EVO Shaver is of great advantage because they can be carried in pockets. Therefore, men can carry it anywhere and can enhance their looks anytime they want. It is as tiny as an egg.

● Much powerful: Each time you shave, it leaves a certain amount of smoothness in your skin because it consists of thin blades. It is definitely powerful because of the 6000 RPM motor. It has tremendous speed and almost 1.5 times more speed as well as energy in comparison to other random shavers.

● Battery charge: In the charging forte, the MicroNovelty EVO Shaver is unbeatable. Its battery lasts for approximately 90 minutes at a go. The most advantageous feature is that it can be charged by making use of USB C. So, in case you are traveling, you can just connect the USB C port to your laptop or power bank for charging the Shaver. It turns out to be very convenient for the users.


Shaver’s are one of the most important daily essentials of a man’s life. In this regard, the MicroNovelty EVO Shaver is the best for them because it has all the necessary qualities required in a shaver. Its uniqueness and efficiency are praiseworthy.

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