Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor System Review by Zedioptima

Have you ever faced issues like tire puncture or valve stem leakage while driving? Yes, I know this feeling. You feel so helpless and angry at the same time. And if you are a person who loves to travel or your job requires you to travel a lot, then our today’s product must be on your checklist. So, today we are going to talk about Nonda ZUS smart tire safety monitor. This is a wonderful product to help you in critical situations. You don’t have to worry anymore about punctured tires. it is a smart tire safety monitor by ZUS. It basically turns your car into a smart car. Having good tire pressure is important to boost safety while driving. It also helps you save on your fuel. Most cars don’t provide information like which tire is low or how fast the air leaking would be. So, it is always safe to have a backup plan. This ZUS smart tire safety monitor will help you with all the problems of this kind. Let’s dive into knowing the product with a closer eye.

Packaging of Nonda ZUS Smart TP

Inside the sober and little box, you will get the actual hardware which is the safety monitor which is more or less a receiver that you can connect to the tire pressure sensors. These four black little things are those sensors to which you have to connect the monitor. And then you shall connect the monitor to the car through a USB. If you don’t have a USB you can connect it to any car charger. That will also work. Other than these, you will find a user manual inside the box.

Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor Review
Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor System


The sensors are black and made out of plastic. At the bottom, there is a metal-made area. In the sideways, there are written instructions like how to tighten the sensor, and which way you have to twist it to tighten it. In the front area, you will see the logo of ZUS. On the other side, you will be instructed which tire is to be paired with which sensor. Because it’s not like you can take out a sensor out of the box and pair it with any tire. There is a specific sensor that has to go to a specific tire. The receiver looks pretty much like a mouse. More like a flat mouse. The color is black. Here are some lights around the side of the receiver. You will get a USB cord attached to the device. The USB port needs to be plugged into a power source in order to provide power. You can plug it in either to your car or to a car charger. The thing is very slim and sleek and has a fine look. It is very tiny and has a very small grip. There is a button at the bottom area. You can reset the device by pressing the button. On the back side, there is another USB port to plug something into it. It has a light inside making it easier to find in the darkness. It is also reversible. So you can put a USB on both sides. You can put it upward. You can flip it back and put it downward also.

This product includes this little safety set to lock this in so that this does not get stolen from your car. You just have to tighten this down. Then nobody can remove it from there. Let’s test the device. First of all, you have to power it on. Turn on the car plug. A light will be flashing. You set on the safety screw first. Then put on the tire pressure sensor. You have to tighten it to fix it properly in its place. To take it off, you have to slide it out. It will take you only a second or two to loosen it up. If you ever need to refill your tires, unscrew them, refill tires, and put them back on. It would not take any additional effort or time to set it up. There are different tire pressure units like a bar, and psi; temperature units like Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can set up the app according to your choice. You can modify the setting. Tap on any of the tires, you will find all the information regarding the tire. It will show you a graph over time, how much range or deviation are there in your tire pressure. You can see if any air is leaking out of your tire or if your tire has a puncture. You can see all this information in front of your eyes. It will help you take action immediately if there is some problem with your tire.


Lower tire pressure is not something you can take casually. It can lead to accidents or less mileage. So you can have affordable safety from all these premonitions with this tiny device. This is a really high-quality product among all the ZUS products. This is completely reliable and a must-recommended product. Get your hands on this little thing as soon as possible and don’t forget to like this video and leave your thoughts in the comment box.

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