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In today’s digital world, the use of webcams has become really essential in our professional or personal life. Specially after the outbreak of covid-19 in 2019, we got locked down in our respective houses. And we had to continue our work from the comfort of our own homes. From working professionals to little children who are in school, and attending online classes, are in need of a webcam to get on with their work. Digital creators also require a webcam to produce their content. Because when you are in an online meeting or class, only audio is not enough. You create a greater impact on people when they can see you teach or deliver a speech or show a presentation. The Nuroum C20 Webcam cum speaker by Nuroum is an amazing device you must lay your hands on. It is an easy-to-use video conferencing camera with a microphone and speaker for 1080P HD video calls. Let us know more about this product in detail.

Packaging & Design :

The packaging is good. It comes in a light, sober white box. Inside the box, you will get the webcam, a USB-C cable, and the user manual. It is quite heavy I must say. On the top, there is the video blanking button. Then there is this microphone mute button. And the volume control button. The length of this thing is similar to an arm.

Nuroum C20 Webcam with Speaker
Nuroum C20 Webcam with Speaker

Features of Nuroum C20 Webcam :

Plug the USB-C cable and connect it to a computer. You can see it is working fine on zoom and skype. If you can set it up at a proper height, it will come at your eye level. You can look at the camera while sitting or standing. It will keep up with your eye level. If you press the mute button, it will turn off the sound. And to unmute it, you just have to press it again. Similarly, there is a button on top to turn the video on and off. To increase or decrease the volume, here is a button to control that. It has a built-in speaker too at the base of the device. It does the fish eye correction when the camera is on so everything looks so clearly visible. The camera is designed to fetch a wide range of views. So, when you are in front of the camera, it is likely to take up the whole room in the frame. And the microphone is astounding. It delivers crystal clear sound even when you are 10 feet away from the camera. It catches the slightest bit of the sound going on in your room. You might want to make sure that it is pin-drop silence when you are in a serious meeting or sort. If you move across the room, the sound of your voice might differ from one place to another. When you are right in front of the camera or like one foot away, your voice sounds the clearest. Let’s come to the lighting part. The picture of yourself comes best in the camera when you have an overhead light in your room. It does not really look good when the light is coming from sideways or a single sideway.

Nuroum C20 Webcam
Nuroum C20 Webcam with Speaker features

The webcam has a built-in indicator with a ring light to show which mode is on or off. When it is blue, it is normal operation. When you tap the mic, it will turn red and it will be mute. If you tap the camera the light will turn yellow and the camera will be on. You can see the four dots on the top of the device. These are the four pick-ups for the Omni-directional microphones. The quality of the built-in speaker is really good. Here is an anti-slip pad at the bottom. If you set this on a table, it will not get knocked off.


this webcam fulfills what it requires to do, if not more. The audio and video quality both are superb. It is very easy to use. You just need to plug it and play, does not call for any extra effort. It is sleek and presentable in a conference room. Other microphones and webcams take up a lot of space with all their wires and other components. With Nuroum C20 you don’t need to worry about that stuff. You can just put it on a table and it may grab attention but in a good way. It would not bother anyone. If you decide to buy this device, let us know how you liked it. And if you liked this video, give it a like and share it, and subscribe to the channel.

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