Saker Paint Rack 4 in-1 Painter’s Accessory Tool Review by Zedioptima

We should renovate our house every once in a while. It gives us a feeling of newness and
new beginnings. Painting is a vital part of the renovation. When it comes to painting the
doors of your house, it can be really hassling. To free you from those hassles, you can use
painting racks. You may have already used painting stacking racks. Today we will talk about
the Saker Paint Rack 4-in-1 painter’s I-type accessory tool. This is going to help you paint your doors
quickly. It will save you time as well. Let us dive into the review and get to know more about
this stack rack system.


Let us open the box and see what we got inside. The box is sealed with plastic. Let me cut
the seal first. First I got this user manual with all the instructions and guidance on how to use
this. Then you got 5 quarter 20 pan head screws. Finally, we have four tools here. One pair
is to be used for one panel or door.

Saker Paint Rack 4 in-1 Painter’s Accessory Tool
Saker Paint Rack 4 in-1 Painter’s Accessory Tool

Features of Saker Paint Rack

You have to place one tool attached to a door. The next tool will be automatically locked in
place with it when you put it on top of the previous one. The first tool places the woodwork
frame against one end of the side of the board or door you are willing to paint. Then you
need to twist the screw through the hole and fix it on the board. The installation location of
the woodwork frame must be as close to the edge of the board as possible. Look into that
the wood does not exceed the red line. Otherwise, it is easy to scratch while rotating. Now
let us check out for ourselves how it actually works. First of all, make sure that the point of
this is at the very edge of the door. Take a piece of flat stock and put that in here. Move the
tool to the edge and make sure it is flush. Mark the center. Then put the screw and you
should line it up properly. You can also measure it with a measuring tape or scale. But I
would say that using a flat stock is much easier and quicker. If the tool is too tightly fit on the
door, you can loosen it up a little. Just make sure that it has space to spin around. Now do
the same on the other edges of the door. And you can paint the doors and let them dry after
that. Now let me show you how they stack. Turn around one plaque of wood and place it on
the other one. You can see it is locked by itself when I put the door on it. You do not have to
use any tool or anything else to lock it. If you are working with long-size doors of more than
30 inches, you should put the tools on the top and the bottom.


I must mention that I see only one disadvantage of this. For the holes you created on the
door to put the screws, you have to fill them up and paint them again. That will cost you extra
time and effort. But when you are doing big doors, you might not have to fill the holes. But
we can not deny the fact that it is super easy to use and comes in very handy. This is the
ultimate compact painting system. If you work as a carpenter then this is a must-have
product for you. This is perfect for the times when you get exhausted from handling too
many projects at the same time. It helps you get your hands on multiple projects, earning

you more money and increasing productivity. If you decide to buy this tool, you should know
that you will get it for just 79 USD on Amazon which is totally worth it. I hope the review was
helpful in some way at least. If you have any queries feel free to comment down below. Like
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