Tess-Gift Wireless Smart AI Voice Mouse Review by Zedioptima

The regular mouse we use has become pretty boring with all the instructions we need to follow like left-click, right-click, double-click, and blah blah. What if I tell you there is a far more interesting and cool version of the traditional mouse? Let me introduce the Tess gift AI voice mouse to you which has amazing features like voice typing, voice translation typing, voice search, voice command, words translation, and multi-language support. It has a built-in microphone into which you can speak and it will pen down your words for you. It also translates words and phrases into several languages. There are more than 200 languages into which it can translate any statement or phrase. To name a few, there are Arabic, Estonian, Bulgarian, Polish, Danish, German, Russian, French, Finnish, Korean, Dutch, Czech, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Slovenian, Spanish, Greek, English, and Italian. It supports text translation at the click of a single key.

Design & Features of Tess Gift AI Voice Mouse

Tess-Gift Wireless Smart AI Voice Mouse
Tess-Gift Wireless Smart AI Voice Mouse

Now let’s talk about how the Tess gift AI voice mouse looks. It has a very sleek and sheeny structure, easier to get a grip within your palm. It has a slim design for portable use. This mouse is available in six colors. It’s easy to carry it around because of its sleek design. There is an additional carrying case or pouch. The left and right click keys have a different kind of texture and they feel pretty tangible while pressing down. The center scroll key is made out of metal and feels quite stiff. The 2.4G mode is suitable for desktop computers, notebook computers, smart TV with USB interfaces, etc.
This mouse claims to offer faster speed than typing.
I think by ‘glass key’ it means that the left and right keys are made out of glass, though we are still in doubt about the veracity of this statement because the faceplate seems to be made of plastic. The battery life is 500 mAh which lasts around 200 hours before it needs to be recharged again. The charging port is a micro USB.
They have kept the packaging very simple, denoting that what’s inside the box, is more important. So the package includes, other than the mouse, one USB receiver, one charging cable, and one instruction manual with a link to download the software.
The two small buttons in the middle are actually game-changers. One is used for translation and the other one is for voice search. On the back side, there is a button for power on and off. There is a nano receiver for connecting it to your computer. Model no. is M203. It’s very convenient to use, easily plugged into your computer, and used with adroitness. If you want to use the smart translation function, you have to download the software from their website which is called MicLink. You will get different versions for the software download like mac or windows and use them as per your requirement. There is a light effect mode you can turn on and off. If it’s turned on whenever you are clicking on something, the blue light flashes on. You can also change the translated text to another language. There is a quick help tab that helps find out if the microphone has been detected on the mouse. It works well on a flat surface and runs very smoothly. It makes less noise than the regular mouse while clicking the left and right keys.
To describe further, I would say that the software for translation is not very smooth; moreover, it has some glitches. By tapping on the speech key, you can translate the language of your sentence. Sometimes it doesn’t work on the first attempt but if you enunciate the words properly and the background remains noise-free, then it will work well. There are two modes in terms of translation. By tapping once, you can keep the microphone on and listening, it will carry on recording a speech and convert it into text. If you tap the button once again, it will stop picking up your voice. If you want to record a single sentence, long hold the button and finish your sentence and then release the button. The second feature is the voice search which will just open up a browser tab where it will search for what you are asking for. For the text translation version, you need to point the cursor at a particular word or highlight it. You will see a pop-up on the screen that will provide a quick translation from the original language to the language you wish it to be translated in and you can also hear the pronunciation.


This was a quick review of the Tess gift AI voice mouse which is an upgraded version of the regular mouse with some captivating features. I’d definitely recommend this and wait for all your lovely feedback.

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