Topshak TS-ESD2 Cordless Screwdriver Review by Zedioptima

Either to build new furniture or to lift some heavy loads, you have to use screws. That follows the necessity of using a screwdriver. Normal brush-type screwdrivers are good but they need to be maintained regularly. You need to take care of the carbon brushes. On the other hand, brushless motor screwdrivers do not require all those extra effort. It saves you time and expense. Today we are going to talk about Topshak TS-ESD2 cordless screwdriver and get to know about this device in detail. This product is an upgraded version of Topshak TS-ESD1.

Package & Design

The package is a nice white and orange colored box. Inside the box, you will get an owner’s manual that will tell you everything you need to about this thing and how it works. You will get a warranty card with 12 months of warranty. So you have the coverage for 1 year. This is a bit bigger than the older version of it. The handle is 5 inches and the other side is 6 inches tall and the width is 2 inches. It is also a little heavier than its previous version. It weighs 13.76 ounces.

Topshak TS-ESD2 Cordless Screwdriver
Topshak TS-ESD2 Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Features of Topshak TS-ESD2 Cordless Screwdriver

The newer version has more incredible features. This cordless electric screwdriver by Topshak has a torch light and a light at the front. It lights up when you turn on the drill. The same feature in the two versions is that they both spin at 220 rpm. But this one has 6 plus 1 torque settings. You can adjust the torque anywhere between 1-newton meter to 4-newton meter. You get more flexibility with this version in whatever tool you are using it on. You can change the torque setting using this ring on the head. You can see they give you 6 torque settings and the drill function. You can drill into certain things according to your needs using this function. It will not turn off automatically. It will keep going on for as long as you want it to. Here is an orange-colored button which is the lock button. Three different settings can be selected for the handle. You can set it to 120 degrees, 150 degrees, and 180 degrees. At 150 degrees the handle will be less inclined and at 180 degrees, the handle and the head portion will be on the same plain. So, you can choose any angle suitable for the kind of work you are using it. You can use the lock button to lock, unlock, reverse, and forward. The flashlight feature is really cool. It has 4 LEDs around its head. It lights up the area. If you are working in a place where there is not much light, it can be really useful. There is a light in the bottom area too. You can use both flashlights at the same time. It has a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery and a 1-quarter-inch magnetic chuck. You get a set of 34 pieces of security bits and a flexible shaft for getting it into the hard-to-reach areas. It has a LED down here that indicates when it is being charged and when it is completely charged. It can work even when you plug it in for charging. So, in case the battery runs out, you can put it in charge and work simultaneously if the situation calls for it. The old version does not come with this advantage. You can see that it works with ease with every kind of bit. It is going all the way down and buries the bits properly. For the smaller bits, you can use the handle at 180 degrees. It is more beneficial according to me. For bigger bits, you can use other angles. The grip of the handle is really mentionable. The old version does not have a nice grip. It feels a little smaller and you might feel like you are losing grip. But that can also depend on the size of your palm. However, the new version has an apt grip on the handle.


The TS-ESD2 is a bit more expensive than the TS-ESD1 but you get a lot more features and flexibility with this one. If you are in need of just a cordless screwdriver you can go for the older version. But by spending a little more money you can have all those amazing features like the flexibility of the handle and the flashlights on both sides. It will help you work smoothly with your screwdriver. You can use it for repairing any furniture or toy, shelf installation, cabinet assembly, or handcraft DIY assignments. This device is very strong as it works with all kinds of screws, even 3-inch, and 4-inch screws. I hope the review was helpful. Like and share this video and subscribe to the channel if you have not done that yet.

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