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Hello to all our customers. We always love to allow you to know such amazing products that
help you a lot and can give you perfect satisfaction for what you are searching for. Many times
we come to know about the Problems of earphones which have wires. Sometimes it is stuck with
different products and makes your bed messy or sometimes of a problem with the wire the
earphones become useless. So now these problems have gone. Tell me how. So here is the
Many people want to have earbuds. But it is also problematic if you can not choose a perfect
product. There are a lot of products that are available in the marketplace. That’s why people get
confused to choose one of those. So today we are suggesting the Best Bluetooth earbuds Tribit
FlyBuds NC.
Tribit FlyBuds NC is one of the top-rated earbuds that help you to get a perfect sound without
a wire. These Best wireless earbuds are able to make a different world for you.
Product price: $49.99

Product information:

Tribit FlyBuds NC
Tribit FlyBuds NC

Bluetooth earbuds always help us and this FlyBuds NC act perfectly for you. The brand and
manufacturer of this product is ‎Tribit. The other best thing about this product is its weight. Its
weight is only 11.34 Grams. That is another reason why this is known as the Best wireless
earbuds ever. The buds are small as well ‎(5.84 x 5.84 x 3.05 cm). This is black.
The experts use ‎the Battery as a power source. These Bluetooth earbuds, use ‎Lithium Ion
as a Battery Cell Composition. You can easily recharge them and use these earbuds.
Case Charging Time: 1.5hours with charging cable
Playtime: When ANC OFF: 10 hrs single charge, total 30 hrs playtime with the charging case
When ANC ON: 8 hrs single charge, total 24 hrs playtime with the charging case.
Tribit FlyBuds NC is an earbud that we can play without cable. The connector type method is
‎Bluetooth and Wired. You can get the 5.0 Bluetooth version with the earbud. You can connect
with these earbuds up to 33 feet or 10 meters.
These earphones can give you ultimate comfort. You are not able to know if there is anything.
These headphones’ Form Factor is In-ear and has 5 sets of ear gels.


In the box you can get Tribit Earbuds(L&R), Charging Case, Wristlet, Ear Tips, USB-C
Charging Cable, and User Manual.

Why should you choose this?

Tribit FlyBuds NC is a very useful earbud. One can use this for their Work, Home Office. These
have a great power of noise cancelation. It has 4 MIC Active Noise Cancellation. It helps in
Crystal Clear Calls with Environmental Noise Cancellation. You can enjoy 10mm, Dynamic
Drivers, for Deep Bass. If you charge up to 10 min you can enjoy 1.5 hours of music & USB-C
Charging. These Bluetooth earbuds have the power to be Sweat & Water Resistant(IPX4). Tribit
FlyBuds NC is a Bluetooth earbud for iPhone and Bluetooth earbud for android.

Pure Music and Nothing Else:

There are many people who love to be alone and want a silent atmosphere where they can enjoy
themselves. It is a kind of addiction. So if you are one of them this Bluetooth earbud FlyBuds
NC is for you. Designers equip these earbuds with an industry-leading 4-mic Active Noise
Cancellation technology. This technology is able to identify the noise and cancel it. That’s why
you do not have to get any kind of outer noise in it. It has the 30db capabilities of denoise. It helps
you to experience the next level of immersive music. So with it, you can easily enjoy your music
as well as phone calls without any disturbance.

Ultra Clear Voice Calls:

While having ear pods it is important to have a feature by which you can enjoy Ultra Clear Voice
Calls. So with FlyBuds NC, you can also get this opportunity. It has Technology, advanced AI
Noise Reduction technology. This technology helps to amplify voice clarity while damping the
background noise. So it is very helpful for you. You can choose these for office or casual
conversations easily. You can enjoy perfect remarkable clarity in every call. It can help you to
feel like you are in front of the opposite person.

One Step Paring & Smart Touch Control:

You can take two of these headsets from the charging box. While you do so these will connect to
each other automatically. After that only step is to easily enter a mobile phone Bluetooth
setting to pair with those Bluetooth earbuds. When you do so it will connect and allow you to
effortlessly control your music, calls, and volume with a single finger press, It helps you to free
your hands from your smartphone. It is really a smart feature and that can help you a lot.

5 Pairs of Ear Tips:

The Designers who make this earbud provide all the highest possible quality that gives a perfect
listening experience. It is important to have earbuds that have the facility to fit properly with your
ears. That’s why they choose from these 5 pairs of soft, flexible silicone tips. That can make this
earbud totally customizable for fit. In spite of this, it enhances the effectiveness of the Noise

Hear The World at Your Will:
Who doesn’t want to hear those words that they want to hear? So there are the Best wireless
earbuds for you. These earbuds have Transparency mode. It can help you to decide which sound
you want to hear that is having your background and allowing you to listen to those. You are
able to choose to blend in seamlessly by hearing your surrounding sounds. When you are
wearing your FlyBuds NC it will ensure superior safety and convenience.

Power-Packed Bass:
You can get with FlyBuds NC a 10mm dynamic driver with our intelligent EQ delivers. This can
give you a remarkable bass response even if it is in full volume. It has Active Noise Cancellation
features that combined with a snug in-ear fit design which makes the FlyBuds NC ensures
that everything that you play sounds terrific and immersive.

All-Weather Companion:
It’s rainy! Don’t use any electric gadgets it will damage. We all listen to these words. But with
FlyBuds NC this problem is gone. You don’t hold back from exploring your limits. These
Bluetooth earbuds have the power of sweatproof(IPX4) and handle everything thrown at them
like a champion. That is why you can easily use it for your outdoor adventure, sports, or gym,
and engage fully without worry.

Fantastic 35h Playtime:
These Tribit wireless earbuds are able to give you service for up to 8 hours from a single charge and
27 extra hours in the compact charging case. Sometimes we are in hurry and don’t have any time
to charge our earpods. But if you have only 10 minutes and give charge to it, this will give you
service for up to 1.30 hours.

So why are you waiting? Just go for this item. It can give you perfect satisfaction.

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