Wuben Gecko E61 EDC Penlight Review by Zedioptima

Do you feel a problem with shadows when you are writing? Do you need more light when you
are writing? Then we are here to clear all of your problems. With the Wuben Gecko E61 EDC penlight,
you can get an opportunity for light when you are writing. It is a rechargeable penlight.

Wuben Gecko E61 Product Information :

The manufacturer of this penlight is WUBEN company. It is one of the best penlights. It is very
light in weight (2.82 ounces). So you can use it easily. It is basically blue in color. The product is
made up of good-quality aluminum. In this pen, the Developers provide Lithium-ion batteries
that go for a long time. Sleek and Compact Multifunctional Work Light Pattern is used in this
item. And this item is certified by CE and RoHS. You can enjoy magnetically and recharge facilities
with the Wuben Gecko e61 penlight.
You can get a good level of durability with this gadget. As a light, they provide you with LED
lights which give you a good level of brightness.

Why should you choose this product?

Wuben always provides you with good quality products. With their brand-new product, you can
experience a high level of satisfaction with a lot of work.

Wuben Gecko E61 EDC Penlight
Wuben Gecko E61 EDC Penlight
  1. Small but Useful:
    This EDC penlight is small but useful. It is designed Aesthetically which helps you with
    writing, lighting, and self-defense as well. Wherever or whenever you need it, this will help you.
  2. Sweet and Smart:
    This penlight has a sweet and smart look that can attract you. Developers use a Smart locking
    mechanism for the pen end plus swivel action of both light and pen.
  3. Visible in the Dark:
    A lot of people carry small lights to prevent darkness. If you are one of them, don’t worry.
    Wuben Gecko’s e61 penlight can help you to be Visible in the Dark. Its blue and red LED lights help you

to provide light on a dark road for parking or repairing tires. You can see other vehicles in the
dark. COB gives us 3 levels of white light, low at 3lm, middle at 30lm, and high at 130lm.

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed:
    We buy a lot of products but the. Do not like it. And it becomes a burden for us. You can choose
    this product but if you don’t like it then you can return it within 30 days. And you can get a 5
    years guarantee plus lifetime repair service with this product. So why are you waiting just to grab
    this offer?
    Features that you going to get with it:
    WUBEN GECKO EDC penlight is Rechargeable with COB and Magnet. You can get 4 in 1
    features with it like lighting, writing, and self-defense all in it with the easy exchange.
  2. Multifunction pen flashlight:
    You can get a good opportunity with a flashlight. It helps you with lighting in every situation.
    This newly launched gadget provides you with a new color scheme which is really cool. This
    light can help you in writing on paper or a stone or self-defense or breaking a window.
  3. EDC portable penlight:
    This pen has a clip. So you can easily clip it into your pocket or shoulder. You can also clip it on
    a strap, book, or in the hat. It has magnetic power so you can easily stack it with your bike, car, or
  4. Recording opportunity:
    You can get an opportunity to record with it. Its Eternal nib helps you to do so.
  5. Various kinds of nib:
    You can get various kinds of nibs with it. Eternal Nib, Stylus Tip, stylus tip, and Ink Refill. With
    the Stylus nib, you can break window glass and help you in self-protection. You can. Use a
    stylus tip for doing something on a mobile or tablet screen. They give you 4 Ink Refills so you
    can easily remove the empty one and place a new one.
  6. Flexibility:

Flexibility is a thing that we all need. You can get 270-degree rotatable body features to aim
the light without limitation. This penlight is designed with 180° rotating features.
It has 3 regular modes: high/130lm, med/30lm, and low/3ml.

  1. Gifted Package:
    Wuben Gecko gives you a gift packaging opportunity. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time on
    packaging. You can give this to your friends and family.
  2. Easy Rechargeable:
    They provide you with a USB cable with this package. You can easily recharge your penlight with it.
    It has a battery indicator that informs you about its battery percentage. You can get a 3 Lumens
    low mode which helps you to adapt to the dark easily.
  3. Waterproof:
    Its body is made up of aluminum which is waterproof. It can. Help this penlight from colds, hots,
    and wets.
    So do not wait anymore just grab this good opportunity of the best penlight at a low price and
    make your life really comfortable.

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