YANTU Electric AirPump Mini Cordless Tire Inflator Review by Zedioptima

Today we are going to have a quick review of the YANTU Electric AirPump portable air compressor tire inflator for car tires. This tire inflator is different and better from the regular long-line ones as it is trouble-free with three built-in large rechargeable 1500 mAh Li-ion batteries and high inflatable pressure. It takes 3-6 minutes to inflate a tire which means it has more speed than other hand-held air compressors to inflate. This air pump is small in size and space-saving.

YANTU A05 Portable Air Compressor 150 PSI Tire Inflator for Car Tires, Rechargeable Cordless Electric Car Air Pump
YANTU Electric AirPump

Design & Features of YANTU Electric AirPump

It can be put in the car and be used very easily. As it is cordless, it can be used anywhere in any condition with no need for an external power supply. You can hold it with your hand because of its tiny size. The material of the product is skin-friendly so that you don’t burn your hand and can travel without any turbulence. The portable tire has an LCD digital display that shuts off automatically when it reaches the desired tire pressure. You can set your preferred margin of pressure beforehand and control the required pressure using the buttons. By using it this way, you can effectively avoid overinflating or underinflating. You also have the option to choose the pressure between PSI and BAR. In the bottom portion of the device, there is a battery port covered by a rubber door that uses a standard micro USB cable to charge up the device and you will get the cable inside the box. There is one more thing at the bottom, a display LED, which shows if the device is turned on or off and how much battery is left in the device. If you recharge a full tire of a car, almost 50% of the battery will be consumed. If you are gonna use it for a car, I would like to tell you, this will not give you that many refills. But a full single refill between 0 to 30 PSI of this will do fine in case of an emergency. For bicycles, 8 full fills are suggested and it takes a maximum of 3 minutes to fill up one tire. The overall pump can push about 145 PSI which is extreme and not usually necessary for regular vehicles.

YANTU Electric AirPump works on Car Tire

The air vents, the use of nice quality tactile buttons, and the decent-looking LCD display make the product look good. When you first look at it, it looks like a mini cylinder with a wire for the suitability of carrying it around. But the wire can be entangled from one end. When the device unlocks and powers on, you will see the upper part is like a hose pipe, used for the inflation of a tire.
Let me tell you about its multiple uses. The capacity of the 12.6V care tire inflator is 22 cylinders. Its fast inflating ability is perfect for a variety of objects like cars, bikes, midsize SUVs, motorcycles, basketballs, balls, swimming pools, etc. There are different kinds of adapters like short cones and long cones that include needle value. It comes with an air needle to fill up basketballs or footballs or any other accessories you need to be aired up. It also includes a thin French-style head which is useful for filling up bicycle tires.
When the car gets started, you need to use the light and dark display. This is universal for 12-24V vehicles and it adapts to. vehicle types such as cars, SUVs, and trucks.

YANTU Electric AirPump works on Bike


It comes in two available colors, black and white. The display is analog and you can jump from one mode to another whether you are filling the wheel of your car or bicycle. It weighs about 450 gm. The dimension of the product is 120140110cm. The shell is ABS. The size of the air tube is 60cm. the RPM of the motor is 17000/min. Airflow is 25LPM. It comes in simple packaging inside you’ll get three kinds of nozzles, one USB cable, and an air tube.
For this product, you’ll get one year of warranty. Use this hassle-free Yantu portable air compressor and share your feedback.

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