Zecchin Samba All-In-One Wireless Charger

Wired chargers that we usually use can be really fussy sometimes. In spite of holding its firm
the ground in the tech world, nobody can deny that wired charging has a few disadvantages.
There enters a new way of charging your devices – the wireless charging system. With this,
you can charge your phone anywhere, anytime. You do not need to untangle the twisted
cords and look for the right connectors anymore. Most wireless chargers are smart chargers
which means that they automatically turn off when the charging is complete. It is a
convenient and cable-free way of charging your gadgets. Today we are going to review
Zecchin Samba All-In-One Wireless Charger. This is as efficient as any wired charger, if not
more; and also gives you extra convenience and support.


The shape of the box is a really cool one. Let us open the box and see for ourselves what is
inside. First off, you got the instruction manual with all the information you will be needing
about this. Then we have the charger under some styrofoam. And here is the charging
station. There is plastic wrapped in the base area. The well-crafted design makes it as thin
as the iPhone 13 pro.

Zecchin Samba All-In-One Wireless Charger
Zecchin Samba All-In-One Wireless Charger


This Zecchin Samba wireless charger is mainly made for apple watches and phones,
basically all kinds of apple products. IPhone 8 was launched when they started wireless
charging. You can change versions from iPhone 8 to iPhone 14 with this power station. This
product comes in various colors like black, white, blue, purple, and silver. At the bottom
area, it has a rubber footing. This charger is a lot smaller than other chargers from Zecchin.
The charging station is also very light, even lighter than the charger itself. Here is where you
put in your cord. Put the charging cable in the port and see if the iPhone is getting charged.
It has got a little indicator light so that you know that everything is charging. It has a place
created for your air pods. This will work very well as a bedside charger. To charge your
watch, you just have to put your watch here. This thing has got a magnet on it. You do not
even have to put it. You just take your watch near this and it will grab it. The watch charges
at 3.5 watts, the air pods at 5 watts, and the iPhone at 7.5 watts. It can charge other phones
if it has a capacity of up to 10 watts. It has USB A and USB C output ports to support up to
18 watts of power. So you do not need to worry. It will also charge other phones than
iPhones. Let me show you first hand if any other phone can be charged by this power
station. There you go. It is charging this mobile phone which is not an iPhone. The space for
the air pods can also be used to charge up other kinds of air pods. The size of the product is
6.453.150.66 inches. It weighs nearly 1.02 pounds. One really important thing to mention is
that it charges up your devices really at a high speed.


The previous version of this charging station is bigger and heavier. It also has 2 additional
charging ports. And you can adjust and move the charging pad. You can charge your phone

horizontally and vertically. The design is the same but the latest Zecchin Samba All-In-One
Wireless Charger is so much lighter. But it does not necessarily mean that it will trip up from
a light blow or something. It stays put and holds the ground firmly. It is light so you can even
carry it very easily. You can even carry it in your pocket. And it is also smaller. And also, the
previous one does not have a particular space created to place your air pods. This new one
has which is really beneficial. It is the best-looking multi-charger so far. It makes wireless
charging easier and more efficient. You can give it a try and use it. If you have any
suggestions or questions, feel free to comment here. Hope you found the review helpful. Till
next time, goodbye.

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